Lee Honey’s ‘Knight Flower’ Disappoints Viewers Despite High Rating for THIS Reason

Despite making history in viewership ratings, “Knight Flower,” starring Lee Honey and Lee Jong Won, disappointed viewers for this reason.

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Keep on reading to know what happened.

‘Knight Flower’ Leaves Viewers Disappointed for Its ‘Abrupt’ Ending

Knight Flower
(Photo : MBC Official Instagram)

On February 17, MBC’s saeguk “Knight Flower” concluded its last episode, and it has been crowned as the broadcasting channel’s most-watched weekend drama with a high rating of 18.4 percent.

Lee Honey’s drama snatched the crown from Lee Junho’s “The Red Sleeve” for garnering the highest viewership rating for the weekend series.

This historical romance drama foretells the story of a widowed vigilante, who is living a double life named Jo Yeo Hwa, and her young handsome guard officer, Park Soo Ho. The series is set in the Joseon era.

Since it has a mix of romance and comedy, viewers are longing for a romantic grand finale.

However, despite the drama recording a high viewership rating, it disappointed the audience due to its abrupt ending.

In the last scene of the series, the main protagonists already share an intimate moment under the moonlight. At this moment, viewers are anticipating for Soo Ho to kiss Yeo Hwa. Unfortunately, the scene was cut right before the kiss happened.

This left many unsatisfied about the drama’s finale. Many have shared their various sentiments online, and the episode finale even became the center of discussion on different portals.

K-Netz Unsatisfied With Lee Honey & Lee Jong Won’s Finale Scene in ‘Knight Flower’

Knight Flower
(Photo : MBC Entertainment)

Someone commented that “Knight Flower” has the most baffling ending scene in K-drama history for cutting off the scene before the kiss of the main leads. Others even demanded for a season 2.

  • “What the?? Give us more! Let Me See.”
  • “Wait, Mr. Director? This is the worst! You could have ended right after their kiss. Please, we deserve that much!”
  • “I was very excited for the usual extra bit of clip at the end. But No! What the h*ck is this?! This better be an excuse for the second season!”
  • “I was waiting for the story that couldn’t be told, and that was the ending?”
  • “Why is there only 12 episodes?”
  • “It’s a shame, but that’s why it’s better. Live happily ever after.”
  • “I like Lee Jong Won’s melodious eyes, he went from crying to sexy.”
  • “I have lost it. To be honest, I need more!”
  • “Season 2 please!”
  • “I thought Yeo Hwa and Soo Hoo would at least get a little kiss or something.”

What can you say about “Knight Flower’s” finale scene? Share your thoughts/replies in the comments!