Lee Hwarim (Kim Goeun)’s Chanting Scene in ‘Exhuma’


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Jang Jaehyun (Director): Kim Go-eun is a truly remarkable actress. During the filming, I felt that somehow she manages to capture the essence of what shamans do, whether it’s bending the tone or making her voice huskier. She really nailed even the small details. Seeing her commitment, I thought, “Ah, she’s definitely a veteran!”


-Her articulation is really good…

-Wow… This makes me want to watch the movie againㅠㅠ

-Her husky voice in that scene is seriously so cool.

-That shaman ritual scene is seriously so goodㅠㅠㅠ It gives me chills…

-I watched this movie twice because I wanted to see that shaman ritual scene againㅠㅠㅠ

-I watched this movie twice because I truly loved her performance here

-Is he holding a mic or a harmonica?

-She really does sound like a shaman in that scene. It’s very impressive.

-I loved this part so much, I wanted to see it again. 

-I heard she kept re-doing this scene until she felt it was right. She absolutely nailed this scene. Her articulation, vocalization, and acting were all great. She’s such a great actress.

-She sounds like someone who knows how to sing. She sounds really amazing. 

-It would be great if they released that chant as part of the original soundtrackㅜㅜ

-She suits Lee Hwarim’s role perfectlyㅠㅠ I want to watch that scene again.

-This scene is so good that it gives me goosebumps…

-I can’t get this scene out of my head…

-I watched this movie with my parents and they couldn’t stop praising Kim Goeun.

-This scene is one of the reasons why I came back to the cinema to watch this movie for the second time.

-This part is absolutely my favoriteㅠㅠ I’m totally into Kim Goeun after watching it.