Lee Hyo-ri Confesses Inner Feelings About Life As Celebrity, “Toughest Time For Me?”

The new episode of JTBC’s program “Travel With Mom”, which will air at 9:10 p.m. on June 2nd, shows the second day of Lee Hyo-ri’s trip with her mother. Lee Hyo-ri, who was not able to play the role of a daughter well due to her busy activities in the entertainment industry, is going on a trip with her mother for the first time in her life.

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lee hyori

On the first night of their trip to Gyeongju, Lee Hyo-ri and her mother had a deep conversation while having a drink at the female singer’s suggestion. Before the trip, both of them confessed to the production team that they wanted to hug each other and sleep. Therefore, viewers are curious about whether the two will be able to fulfill their wish.

lee hyori

On the second day, Lee Hyo-ri and her mother visited Gyeongju’s hidden travel destinations, which are the beautiful Gampo Beach and Gyeongju World Amusement Park, and recalled their childhood memories while enjoying the charms of Gyeongju. Lee Hyo-ri’s mother is already 79 years old but she courageously crossed the rocks on the slopes of the Gampo Beach with her daughter and challenged thrilling rides at Gyeongju World. The two will bring viewers so much fun with their real mother and daughter chemistry in the new episode.

Later, Lee Hyo-ri confessed her honest feelings upon receiving the question, asking “When was the hardest time for you while being a celebrity?”. Upon hearing her daughter’s answer, Lee Hyo-ri’s mother got emotional, making viewers wonder what stories Lee Hyo-ri would tell.