Lee Hyo-ri Shared Secrets To Become Stronger Mentally

Lee Hyo-ri talked about courage in her latest YouTube video

On November 10th, on the channel ‘AOMGOFFICIAL’, a video titled ‘Lee Hyori is here! Hyori’s Secret to Managing Steel Mental’ was uploaded to mark 25 years since the singer’s debut.

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On this day, Loco visited Jeju Island to meet Lee Hyo-ri in hopes of seeking advice on how to become stronger mentally. He said, “I want to know the secret to be strong. There are people who have ignored me. I’m trying to revenge on them.”

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyo-ri gave the singer some advices such as “counterattacking with facts,” “converting it into an accident,” and “looking straight into their eyes.” She added, “You have to have a flexible mind. Your body needs to be flexible.”

Lee Hyo-ri then said, “It is also courage when you can say that you are hurt. I like you, but I’m hurt because you said that. Isn’t it difficult to say that?” explaining that people pretend to be strong when you are hurt.

Lee Hyori

Lee recalled, “There was one time I was having a fight with my husband, I asked him to eat with me that night, but he went to meet a friend. I told him, ‘Actually, I’m not angry, I’m sad that you don’t have the courage to tell me, then why did you marry me?’ I pretend to be strong and say it, but it is courageous to say what I feel inside.”

Source: nate