Lee Hyun Woo Admits Being Burdened With New K-Film ‘Dog Days’: ‘I was pressured by…’

After a long wait, the drama film “Dog Days” finally made its debut this February, gracing the screens in the month of love.

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The highly awaited piece stars award-winning actress Youn Yuh Jung, Kim Yun Jin, Yoo Hae Jin, Daniel Henney and more.

“Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” star Lee Hyun Woo is also part of the cast ensemble, creating a diverse lineup to fans’ delight.

In an interview, Lee Hyun Woo dished on his experience while filming “Dog Days,” and also opened up about his struggles as an actor.

Lee Hyun Woo Shares Affection For ‘Dog Days’ Role

Just a day after the premiere of his comeback film “Dog Days,” actor Lee Hyun Woo sat down for an interview with KBS Entertainment News.

Lee Hyun Woo
(Photo : News 1 Korea)

In the work, the actor transformed into a handsome band vocalist. He’s a man who only cares about his looks but doesn’t know how to take good care of dogs.

“Dog Days” is an omnibus work that depicts the stories of people from different walks of life and how they struggle as an individual and as a dog owner.

'Dog Days' Poster
(Photo : CJ ENM Movie)

According to the actor, he didn’t have a lot of problems synchronizing with his role. He said, “Due to the nature of my job, I show a lot of different sides of myself. I had a desire to do it.”

Lee Hyun Woo rocked a long hairstyle which surprised his friends and family. Some of his long-time friends even copied the look, making the actor “200% satisfied” with everything.

Lee Hyun Woo in 'Dog Days'
(Photo : CJ ENM Movie)

Meanwhile, Park Jin Joo thought that his long hair was some sort of a punishment, making everyone erupt in laughter.

Lee Hyun Woo Dishes On Struggles During Filming

In the interview, Lee Hyun Woo bared his heart and revealed that he felt burdened by his two-shot scene with Daniel Henney due to the latter’s handsome looks and enviable physique.

'Dog Days' Cast & Crew
(Photo : CJ ENM Movie)

“I was 1000% pressured by acting alongside Daniel Henney,” the actor admitted. “He was so cool and standing next to him made me feel conscious about my appearance.”

In the film, Daniel Henney plays the ex-boyfriend of his current girlfriend, which made him want to shine just as much as the other actor.

Daniel Henney
(Photo : Daniel Henney Instagram)

However, all his worries disappeared when Daniel Henney gave him tips and guided him along during filming. Lee Hyun Woo described the actor as the “epitome of sweetness and gentleness.”

Because of this, he wants to strive more and become like the former. On the other hand, “Dog Days” premiered on February 7, and is already raking rave reviews.

Lee Hyun Woo
(Photo : Awesome Entertainment)

Catch the film now in theaters nationwide. Stay tuned for more updates about the film’s international screening. Watch the teaser here: