Lee Jae Wook Launching His Own One-Man Agency Raises Doubts: ‘Is he big enough to run a company?’

Lee Jae Wook is receiving mixed reactions from the public after a rumor sparked that he is setting up his own agency. 

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Establishing a one-man agency is not something new in the entertainment industry in South Korea. Several artists who left an established talent label have decided to run their own company.

The likes of Lee Je Hoon, So Ji Sub, Jang Nara, Lee Seung Gi and more remain bookable and continue to headline projects despite being solo and having their own label.

However, netizens are doubting Lee Jae Wook’s capability and decision to launch his one-man agency.

Lee Jae Wook Rumored to Part Ways With C-JeS Studios

After confirming his relationship with aespa Karina, Lee Jae Wook is reportedly parting ways with C-JeS Studios after three years of being with the label.

Xportsnews reported that the “Alchemy of Souls” star has decided not to renew his contract, which will expire in April. That is because the actor is gearing to launch his own agency.

Lee Jae Wook
(Photo : CJes Entertainment Official) Lee Jae Wook

Meanwhile, C-JeS Studios has responded to the issue, saying that the actor “is still an actor signed” with the agency.

“There is still time left on his contract, so we cannot comment regarding his future plans.”

C-JeS Studios is home to several notable stars like Yoo Teo, Ra Mi Ran, and more.

As for Lee Jae Wook, he joined the agency in April 2021 after leaving VAST Entertainment, his former agency for 3 years.

Netizens Doubt Lee Jae Wook’s Decision to Establish One-Man Agency

Lee Jae Wook
(Photo : Elle Korea Official)
‘Alchemy of Souls’ Couple Lee Jae Wook & Go Yoon Jung To Reunite In New Drama

Rumors have it that Lee Jae Wook will be setting up his own entertainment label, but this is yet to be confirmed. However, netizens have their opinion regarding the actor’s big change in his career.

As mentioned by an online community, they think that Lee Jae Wook is not established enough to create a one-man agency.

Unlike other stars who have cemented their name in the industry and have proven their star power, some have raised the question of whether he is “big enough to make a one-man company.”

The same goes for some who think that it’s too early for him to leave an established label and start his own entertainment company.

“I don’t think he should set up his own company.”

“I’m not saying this to criticize you, but Lee Jae-wook’s acting is fine and everything is good, but I don’t think it’s enough to run a one-man agency.”

One user even noticed that Lee Jae Wook “changes agencies very often.”

Lee Jae Wook, aespa Karina
(Photo : Dispatch Instagram )

Lee Jae Wook’s web of intrigues started when Dispatch revealed paparazzi photos of him and aespa Karina while they were in his neighborhood.

Involving the two in dating rumors, the outlet said that they first met during Milan Fashion Week 2024 after attending the Prada event.

Shortly after, C-JeS Studios confirmed the news, saying that they are in the getting-to-know stage.