Lee Je Hoon Reveals ‘Biggest Reason’ for Accepting ‘Chief Detective 1958’ Role

Lee Je Hoon returns to the small screen with another interesting character as he stars in “Chief Detective 1958.”

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A prequel K-drama to the iconic series “Chief Inspector,” the top star takes on the role of the legendary Park Young Han, a skillful and fierce detective who goes up against corrupt individuals.

Ahead of the drama’s release, MBC dropped new stills, teasing the viewers with Lee Je Hoon’s new role.

Lee Je Hoon Says He Accepted ‘Chief Detective 1958’ Role for THIS Big Reason

Set in the late 1950s, the network introduced the young Park Young Han.

Behind his charm lies a passionate and determined detective who will do whatever it takes to break the norms of corruption.

Chief Detective 1958
(Photo : MBC)
Chief Detective 1958
(Photo : MBC)

In an interview, Lee Je Hoon dished on his new character and what prompted him to accept the offer. Expressing his deep gratitude, the top star felt honored to play such an iconic character.

To recall, “Chief Detective 1958” is based on the classic Korean series “Chief Inspector,” which aired for 18 years, from 1971 to 1989 with a 70 percent viewership rating.

This is also the reason Lee Je Hoon accepted the offer.

“The biggest [reason] was my great anticipation and curiosity for the prequel of ‘Chief Inspector.’ I thought that if it was revealed how detective Park Young Han and the chief investigation team members met and how the people of that time period looked at the world, the people who remembered ‘Chief Inspector’ would enjoy it.”

As for his new character, Lee Je Hoon described Park Young Han as someone who is “very innocent” and someone who shows “passion and tenacity for catching the criminal.”

Lee Je Hoon New Drama: ‘Chief Detective 1958’ Release Date, Cast

Chief Detective 1958
(Photo : MBC)

After several decades, MBC is set to unravel the story of the legendary Park Young Han and his life before he became the chief inspector. Other than the top star, “Chief Detective 1958” boasts an amazing cast lineup.

Joining Lee Je Hoon as lead stars are Lee Dong Hwi, Choi Woo Sung, and Yoon Hyun Soo.

According to the production team, the series will showcase “the chemistry between the Jongno Police Station’s detectives,” highlighting their diverse personalities and abilities.

In addition to this, original cast members of “Chief Inspector” will make a cameo. This includes Choi Bool Am, who will reprise his role as Park Young Han, as well as veteran actors Lee Soon Jae and Park Geun Hyung.

Chief Detective 1958
(Photo : MBC)

Meanwhile, viewers will get to catch Lee Je Hoon’s new drama on April 19 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

Airing every Friday and Saturday, “Chief Detective 1958” is available on MBC and Wavve for global viewers.