Lee Je Hoon Teases Viewers About The Update With ‘Taxi Driver’ Season 3, ‘Signal’ Season 2: ‘I’m Waiting…’

Lee Je Hoon dishes on his honest thoughts about the sequels to the hit K-dramas “Taxi Driver” and “Signal.”

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One of the most beloved K-dramas of all time, the 39-year-old actor often stars in crime thriller series where he gets to play anti-hero roles. 

In an interview with the local media outlet, Lee Je Hoon responds to a question about whether he is set to reprise the roles of Kim Do Ki and Park Hae Young. 

Adding to this, he also gave an update regarding the possibility of season 2 of MBC’s “Chief Detective 1958.”

As mentioned, Lee Je Hoon has headlined a slew of thriller action dramas where he never fails to amaze viewers with his top-notch performance and combat skills. 

According to him, he is “naturally drawn” to roles with righteous characters. 

Lee Je Hoon
(Photo : Lee Je Hoon Instagram)

“I instinctively feel that the stories people are interested in and want to see are about justice and retribution. People in the world desire poetic justice and retribution.”

For him, given that “society doesn’t always provide that,” viewers find enjoyment and satisfaction in these types of dramas. 

“This is why I think people love and seek out such works, and I am naturally drawn to them as well.”

However, Lee Je Hoon also believes that he should “show more diverse sides” of himself instead of being known for portraying anti-heroes. 

As mentioned, Lee Je Hoon headlined MBC’s “Taxi Driver” seasons 1 and 2. He took on the role of a former special forces officer who was recruited to join a secret organization that protects and avenges victims from their perpetrators.

Taxi Driver 2
(Photo : SBS)


In addition to this, he also starred in “Signal” as rookie criminal profiler Park Hae Young.

Lee Je Hoon Reacts to the Renewal of ‘Signal’ Season 2 and ‘Taxi Driver’ Season 3

Following the confirmation of “Taxi Driver” season 3 and “Signal” season 2, viewers are looking forward to Lee Je Hoon reprising his roles. 

As the interview continues, he expresses how “grateful” he is for the back-to-back K-dramas lineup for him, adding that “there is no room for new projects” in his schedule until next year.

The actor also speculated that it might be the reason why he has “not received new offers.”

As for the renewal of MBC’s “Taxi Driver” season 2, he said, “I think I can reschedule and push back” the K-drama a bit. 

Meanwhile, Lee Je Hoon also mentioned “Signal” season 2, which was written by the renowned screenwriter Kim Eun Hee. 

(Photo : tvN)

“I haven’t heard about the casting of other actors [from Season 1], but if they do it, I will join as well,” and joked, “She wouldn’t write the script excluding me, right? I’m waiting for it,” he said. 

After almost 8 years since the broadcast of the drama’s finale, Kim Eun Hee previously confirmed the sequel for the K-drama. 

As for the cast, drama and broadcast officials have yet to announce the cast lineup.