Lee Jin-ho Mentions Jennie’s Vaping Controversy, “There’s An Unspoken Rule Among Staff”

On July 10th, reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin-ho uploaded a video about BLACKPINK Jennie’s indoor smoking controversy.

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Earlier, BLACKPINK’s Jennie posted on her YouTube channel a Vlog video of her schedule in Capri Island, Italy. The controversial scene was filmed when the female idol was getting her makeup done. 

The Vlog captured Jennie vaping while being surrounded by several staff members who were taking care of her makeup. Controversy arose as Jennie blew smoke in front of a staff member’s face.

jennie smoke

In this regard, Lee Jin-ho said, “According to on-site staff, not only Jennie, but many celebrities also smoke e-cigarettes during photoshoots or when getting their makeup done”.

Lee Jin-ho shared, “There’s an unspoken rule in the industry. Celebrities tend to become extremely sensitive whenever they take a photoshoot because they cannot eat for a few days”, adding “Smoking e-cigarettes is almost the only way for them to relieve stress. Many staff believe that it is better to let celebrities smoke e-cigarettes rather than enduring their annoyance on the set”. 

In particular, celebrities easily get caught if they smoke outdoors and that would damage the celebrities’ images. Therefore, agencies sometimes suggest celebrities smoke indoors.

Lee Jin-ho added, “How many staff members can stop a celebrity from smoking if they want to smoke on the set?”, pointing out the relationship between staff and celebrities.

Meanwhile, Jennie’s individual label OA issued an apology after the vaping controversy broke out. They said, “Jennie acknowledges and deeply regrets her mistake of vaping indoors and causing inconvenience to the staff. She has personally apologized to all the staff on-site who may have been affected”.