Lee Jong-Suk Faces Backlash for ‘Too Close’ Interaction With ‘Bridgerton’ Actor

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The Paris Fashion Week took an unexpected turn on June 22nd as the renowned fashion brand LOEWE unveiled its Menswear Spring-Summer 2025 collection amidst a star-studded audience.

The show, graced by global celebrities including the newly appointed Global Ambassador Wang Yibo, Lee Jong-suk, and Luke Newton, was marred by a brief but controversial incident involving Lee Jong-suk.

A short 18-second video captured a moment after the show where Lee Jong-suk and Luke Newton were seated in the front row.


As photographers urged them to sit closer together for a photo, international netizens quickly took to social media to criticize Lee Jong-suk for allegedly invading Luke Newton’s personal space.

The video portrayed Lee Jong-suk maintaining close proximity to Luke Newton even after the photograph had been taken, prompting accusations of discomfort and inappropriate behavior.



However, a closer examination of the circumstances reveals a different story.

Fashion show seating arrangements often dictate that guests sit very close to each other, as shown in other photos from the event.

Lee Jong-suk, like other attendees, had little control over the seating configuration and had to abide by the organizer’s arrangement, which already had him positioned closely to Luke Newton.



Despite this, he adjusted his position shortly afterward to dispel any unintended discomfort.

In fact, Lee Jong-suk later posted a photo on his personal Instagram showing a friendly pose with Luke Newton, suggesting amicable relations between the two.

Lee Jong-suk
Lee Jong-suk
(Photo : Instagram)

This contradicts the initial online backlash, indicating a misunderstanding fueled by a fleeting moment captured on video.

Luke Newton, known for his role in Netflix’s popular series Bridgerton, has recently gained substantial attention for his captivating presence and distinctive appearance.

His fans have rallied to his support amidst the online discourse, emphasizing the constrained conditions typical of such high-profile fashion events.

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