Lee Jong Suk’s Interaction with IU’s Fanboyat His Own Fan Meeting Draws Attention

Lee Jong Suk interacted with his girlfriend IU’s male fan at his fan meeting

Lee Jong Suk recently held a successful fan meeting event. Surprisingly, what stole the spotlight was his unexpected interaction with a fanboy of IU.

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lee jong suk

On September 10th, Lee Jong Suk’s fan meeting event drew in a crowd of enthusiastic attendees. This is where a video capturing an interaction between the actor and a male fan of his girlfriend IU went viral.

Initially, Lee Jong Suk believed that the male fan who appeared on stage was a fan of his. To his surprise and the amusement of others, the fan confessed that he was, in fact, a fan of IU. In a spontaneous response, Lee Jong Suk greeted the IU fanboy with a warm smile. To top it off, he shared a friendly pat on the back, showing a kind gesture.

This moment didn’t go unnoticed among netizens. It became a hot topic. Many expressed their delight at this special interaction between Lee Jong Suk and the IU’s male fan.

However, there were contrasting opinions. Some IU fans had a less favorable reaction to the video, as they didn’t support IU dating Lee Jong Suk.

Source: K14