Lee Joo-myeong’s Inspiring Journey to Dialect Brilliance in ‘Flowers Bloom Even in the Sand’

In a candid rendezvous on the 26th, actor Lee Joo-myeong, renowned for his fervent portrayal in the ENA drama ‘Flowers Bloom Even in the Sand,’ provided a glimpse into the intricacies of his role as Oh Yoo-kyung.

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Set against the backdrop of the fictional Geosan-gun, the drama showcases a poignant reunion between the characters Kim Baek-du and Oh Yoo-kyung, portrayed by Jang Dong-yoon and Lee Joo-myeong, respectively.

Lee Joo-myeong’s Artistic Journey: Mastering Dialect Acting in ‘Flowers Bloom Even in the Sand 

Lee’s rendition of Oh Yoo-kyung not only earned accolades for his visual transformation but also for his mastery of the Busan dialect. The interview shed light on how the inclusion of dialect acting became a game-changer in his artistic arsenal.

‘Sand Flower’ Lee Joo-myeong

(Photo : Naver)

Embracing the nuances of the dialect, Lee discovered newfound confidence, paving the way for a performance that transcended the boundaries of traditional acting.

Lee Joo-myeong’s Artistic Liberation: A Profound Journey into Dialect Acting and Authenticity in ‘Flowers Bloom Even in the Sand’ 

Reflecting on his journey, Lee Joo-myeong emphasized the liberating impact of dialect acting on his overall performance. He spoke about how the ability to ad-lib and speak comfortably in the dialect provided him with a profound sense of confidence and artistic freedom.

Beyond adhering to scripted lines, this newfound liberation allowed Lee to infuse his own essence into the character, elevating the authenticity of his portrayal.

‘Sand Flower’ Lee Joo-myeong

(Photo : Naver)

Lee Joo-myeong said, “As I was able to ad-lib or speak more comfortably through the dialect, I felt a sense of confidence and freedom that I could act more freely.”

She added, “Along with my acting skills, I can bring out my own things and do them more freely as a person.” “It made me think that I could do it,” she said.