Lee Joon Dating? Heartthrob Embroiled in Relationship Rumor With THIS Top Idol

Lee Joon has been speculated to be in a romantic relationship with this idol-actress.

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Can you guess who she is?

Is It True? Lee Joon Speculated To Be Dating Top Idol Sandara Park 

Following the conclusion of the revenge series “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection,” Lee Joon is making headlines due to an unexpected incident. 

Lee Joon
(Photo : Prain TPC)

Some reports claimed that the idol-actor is dating the famous second-generation idol, Sandara Park. 

The 2NE1 member recently released a new episode of her YouTube show “Dara Tour.” Through this broadcast, she revealed the reason she was speculated to be dating idol-actor Lee Joon. 

In the vlog, it was revealed that Lee Joon had joined Dara on a trip to the Philippines with Dara’s brother Thunder, and his wife Mimi. 

She boarded the airplane to the Philippines and found Lee Joon sitting next to her. The “My Father Is Strange” actor shared that he had recently met up with Thunder, his former MBLAQ co-member, to receive the wedding invitation. 

During their meetup, Thunder mentioned to Lee Joon that he would be traveling to the Philippines with Mimi and Dara to film content, and he asked Lee Joon if he wanted to come. The heartthrob felt excited and enthusiastic about the trip and eventually pushed ahead with the plan. 

Lee Joon, Dara React To Dating Rumors

While Dara and Lee Joon were having a conversation, they were shocked and found it funny to know that they were already embroiled in a dating issue since they were spotted traveling to the Philippines together. 

Sandara Park
(Photo : Sandara Park Instagram)

K-Netz also reacted to the unexpected dating rumor between Lee Joon and Dara. 

  • “What in the world? HAHAHA”
  • “This is hilarious.”
  • “I’m glad Thunder and Lee Joon are on good terms.”

What’s Next for Lee Joon

Meanwhile, Lee Joon concluded his comeback series “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection,” where he boasted of his acting skills. 

Lee Joon’s previous works include “Bloody Heart,” “Silent Sea,” “Bulgasak: Immortal Souls,” and more.

As of this writing, the singer-actor has no confirmed dramas yet, but he has been active doing variety show appearances. 

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