Lee Joon Gi describes his characters in “Arthdal Chronicle 2”, “Eumseom and Saya coexist in me”

Actor Lee Joon Gi shared behind-the-scenes stories about his ongoing drama “The Sword of Aramoon”

On September 10th, the YouTube channel “Allure Korea” uploaded a new video featuring Lee Joon Gi and Shin Se Kyung, the lead actors in tvN’s Sat-Sun drama “The Sword of Aramoon (Arthdal Chronicle 2)”. 

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lee jun ki

When asked about their first impression of each other, Lee Joon Gi said, “I was very happy to work with Shin Se Kyung, who is beautiful, elegant, good at acting, and has many charms. I learned a lot from her”. Shin Se Kyung also shared, “It was such a great honor to be able to work with an actor who is like an older brother to me. I really enjoyed the work”.

Regarding the roles he wanted to challenge, Lee Joon Gi said, “I’ve never played a complete villain, so I want to be a real villain once”. Shin Se Kyung added, “I also want to try a villain role if there’s a good opportunity. For now, I want to do fantasy genre or a very realistic work”.

lee jun ki

The two actors then went on talking about the filming process of “The Sword of Aramoon”. Lee Joon Gi said, “I have to portray both Eunseom and Saya so I’m here as an actor. But before that, I thought of myself as a host. It was not easy to meet numerous actors who play people from various tribes and form many human relationships in such a short time”, adding “Throughout the filming, I thought I should be the leader of that place. My character is the leader of a union so I tried to reflect that aspect in reality. I had such a valuable experience that is not easy to get anywhere else”.

lee jun ki

Shin Se Kyung asked Lee Joon Gi about the aspects of his characters that he wanted to resemble. In response, Lee Joon Gi said, “There’s a lot. I want to have good self-management skills and the ability to not lose energy on the set”, adding “It’s not easy to do that since I’m an ordinary person, but I’m trying to be like that. It’s amazing to work on the set with the mindset of giving strength and support to the staff.”

He continued, “Even if I give strength to others, I don’t get tired because there are always people who support me by my side. I think we’re all like that to each other so we really enjoy the process.”

lee jun ki

Regarding the question about his favorite character in his filmography, Lee Joon Gi said, “I think it’s Eunseom and Saya for now. Except for these two characters, I think it would be Soo Hyun in ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf’”. When asked, “Which one is easier to act, Eumseom or Saya?”, the actor replied, “It’s probably Saya. Looking at the description of the characters in the beginning, I think Eunseom goes through more hardships while Saya lives more comfortably. However, there will be many twists so it’s hard to determine which one is easier later on”.

He added, “I personally think Eunseom and Saya both exist in me. Lee Joon Gi in society resembles Eunseom, but when I’m alone, there are many things I lack, just like Saya. I have a great desire to pursue my goals but I tend to miss people around after leaving the set and my social life. I think Eunseom and Saya coexist in me.”

Source: Daum