Lee Joon Surprises Viewers With His Unexpected Thrifty Lifestyle: ‘I Shower at the Gym’

Despite Lee Joon starring in back-to-back K-dramas, the actor has maintained a very frugal lifestyle. 

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Currently starring in the SBS revenge drama “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection,” the actor plays the true heir of the Sungchan Group, Min Do Hyuk. 

Interestingly, although Lee Joon is far from being a chaebol son in real life, the actor knows when and where to spend his money. In fact, he is proud to live a frugal life. 

During his appearance on SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling,” he is introduced by the host as among the most frugal celebrities in Korea. 

Due to this, he revealed a funny yet interesting story about his lifestyle. 

Lee Joon Talks About His Frugal Lifestyle

In a report, Lee Joon revealed that he is very mindful of his spending habits. 

Lee Joon
(Photo : Prain TPC)

In fact, he wore the undergarments he bought when he was in middle school, which is more than 10 years already. 

According to him, he only spent about KRW 700,000 or USD 500 monthly on his expenses. 

Revealing the reason behind this, Lee Joon explained that he is “not fond of changing things.”

“I would replace my underwear if they’re torn, but since they’re not…” he added. 

In addition to this, he is also very meticulous regarding his monthly water bills, and to save up, he prefers taking a bath at the gym. 

“I live in a fairly spacious house, but my water bill only amounts to KRW 3,000 (USD 2). I shower at the gym,” he said. 

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Lee Joon has surprised viewers with his story about being frugal. 

In an episode of JTBC’s “Idol Premiere” back in 2012, he opened up about saving up to buy a house. 

According to him, he has strict savings principles, and as mentioned by the MBLAQ members,they never saw Lee Joon go shopping. 

As a boyfriend, Lee Joon would also prefer writing his girlfriend letters instead of giving her expensive gifts. 

“I probably won’t marry her, and we might break up. So I don’t want to waste my money, and I give her my heart instead.”

As mentioned, Lee Joonis is currently starring in the SBS K-drama “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection,” where he reprised his role as Min Do Hyuk. 

For the sequel, the series depicts Min Do Hyuk as a revenge-driven son who wants to end Matthew Lee’s evil ways, played by Uhm Ki Joon. 

Where to Watch ‘The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection’? 

The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection
(Photo : SBS)

Airing every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. KST, viewers get to watch

“The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” via SBS. 

Meanwhile, a global audience could stream it through Viki and Kocowa.