Lee Jung Ha Reveals Part-Time Jobs He Did Before Becoming an Actor: ‘I Was Good at My Job’

Lee Jung Ha opened up about his life before becoming an actor and stardom following the megahit K-drama “Moving.”

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One of the hottest rising stars, the 26-year-old actor showcased his versatility after playing the lead role in the Disney+ series.

Interestingly, Lee Jung Ha continued the skyrocketing fame, landing back-to-back K-dramas in 2024.

The rising star is currently starring in the weekend tvN series “The Auditors” alongside Shin Ha Kyun, Jin Goo, Jo Aram, and Jung Moon Sung.

The Auditors
(Photo : tvN)

During his guest appearance in “Salon Drip” Season 2, the actor dishes on his experience before his first on-screen appearance.

Lee Jung Ha Reveals Part-Time Jobs Before Acting

As Lee Jung Ha talked about his character, Ko Han Su, a rookie employee at JU Construction, he also mentioned his past jobs before becoming an actor.

Lee Jung Ha Salon Drip Season 2
(Photo : Salon Drip Season 2)

According to him, he started working when he was 20 and was promoted after 3 years of being in the logistics company.

“I worked part-time at a logistics center from when I was 20 to 23. I was even promoted to store manager and was in charge of distributing and managing work. I was good at my job.”

“Salon Drip” season 2 host Jang Do Yeon got curious regarding Jung Ha’s fast promotion, to which he explained that he was very efficient at his job.

“There was a job where I had to sort boxes in the district, and I could do what two people did quickly by myself. I was really good at my part-time job.”

Other than working in logistics, he also had a job at a kids’ cafe. One of his tasks is to put them to bed.

Besides his part-time jobs, did you know that Lee Jung Ha was cast by JYP and used to be their former trainee?

Initially, he wanted to become a K-pop idol and even joined as one of the contestants of the show “The Unit.”

However, he then realized that he lacked the talent to be a K-pop idol, promoting him to the runway, which he revealed he regretted.

Lee Jung Ha on Working With Senior Actors

Since the start of his acting journey, Lee Jung Ha has been working alongside top stars and amazing seniors.

During his interview with Jang Do Yeon, the actor mentioned that he would ask co-star Shin Ha Kyun a thing or two about acting and would learn from him.

Lee Jung Ha, Shin Ha Kyun Salon Drip Season 2
(Photo : Salon Drip Season 2)

According to him, Shin Ha Kyun is the one who he talked to the most on the set of “The Auditors.”

He also added that he is very sociable and has a “good eye” for spotting the right person to talk to.

“I’m the type to trust people easily, and I have a good eye. When my friends have lovers, they all ask me. I don’t want to get involved in other people’s love lives, but when I say, ‘That’s just how it is,’ they all come running to me.”

Lee Jung Ha’s new drama “The Auditors” is a 12-episode K-drama airing every Saturday and Sunday via TVN, Viki, and TVING.