Lee Jung Jae’s TV Series ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ Announces Major Update

Disney+ announces an update regarding the much-awaited release of “Star Wars: The Acolyte,” which also stars Lee Jung Jae.

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Online entertainment publication Collider shared good news for “Star Wars” fans as well as those who have been looking forward to seeing the South Korean star on his first Hollywood project.

Lee Jung Jae’s TV Series ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ Premieres this Summer

As mentioned by the outlet, the upcoming television series, which is the latest part of the Star Wars franchise, will be released this summer under Disney+.

Lee Jung Jae
(Photo : Lee Jung Jae Instagram)

From the creator and showrunner, Leslye Headland, the filming of “Star Wars: The Acolyte” began its production in late 2022 in the United Kingdom, with Lee Jung Jae joining the cast as Master Jedi.

Along with him are Dafne Keen, Amanda Stenberg, Jodie Turner-Smith, Joonas Suotamo, Amy Tsang, “Matrix” star Carrie-Anne Moss, and more.

According to the outlet, the upcoming TV series is “set 50 years before the events of The Phantom Menace, The Acolyte will follow a former Jedi Padawan and her one-time Master as they fall into an investigation of sinister crimes in an ever-changing galaxy.”

Viewers will get to see a “bold visual take” in the new era, giving fans a fresh and entertaining feel of the new “Star Wars.”

Lee Jung Jae on Joining ‘Star Wars’ as His First Hollywood Project

Lee Jung Jae
(Photo : Lee Jung Jae Official Instagram)

The 51-year-old veteran is among the renown South Korean stars who manage to appear in Hollywood projects.

Lee Jung Jae gained global popularity after portraying the iconic role of Seong Gi Hoon in the hit Netflix series “Squid Game.”

Following this, he scored various nominations and took home several awards, both local and international, because of the psychological thriller series.

However, prior to this, Lee Jung Jae was a household name in Korean entertainment.

Headlining notable K-dramas and movies like “Sandglass,” “Chief of Staff,” “Along With the Gods 2,” “Deliver Us From Evil,” and more, the award-winning actor not only proved himself locally but also impressed a worldwide audience with his acting prowess.

As for his first ever international TV series, he shared his thoughts and experience joining “Star Wars.”

During the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards hand printing event back in June 2023, he described it as a “meaningful experience.”

“I had a hard time because there were so many English lines, but it was fun. The actors and staff who worked with me helped me a lot, so I finished filming happily,” he said, as mentioned by a local media outlet.

According to Lee Jung Jae, he filmed most of his scenes in London until May of 2023.

Interestingly, the South Korean star will reprise his role in the much-awaited premiere of “Squid Game” season 2.

Joining him is a mix of new and familiar faces, which include Lee Byung Hun, Wi Ha Joon, Park Gyu Young, Kang Ha Neul, and more.

Like “Star Wars: The Acolyte,” the sequel to the Netflix original series will also air in 2024.