Lee Kyu Hyung Gets Candid About His Injury While Filming ‘Uncle Samsik’: ‘That’s How I Ended Up Like This’

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Lee Kyu Hyung detailed the unforgettable experience he had while filming “Uncle Samsik.”

Taking on the role of Kang Sung Min, a hopeful to be the country’s next leader, the political K-drama is his return to the small screen after two years since “May It Please the Court.”

In an interview, Lee Kyu Hyung talked about the accident on the set of “Uncle Samsik,” and how he ended up in emergency surgery. The award-winning actor also mentioned how he managed to juggle filming the K-drama, an upcoming movie, and his musical show.

Lee Kyu Hyung on Playing Different Characters at the Same Time

According to the actor, the role of Kang Sung Min was quite a challenge, considering that he is the antagonist of the story.

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At the time, he was also filming the movie “Handsome Guys” with veteran actor Lee Sung Min, as well as Lee Hee Joon and Gong Seung Yeon, who play as the main characters.

Besides two upcoming projects, Lee Kyu Hyung was also part of the musical “Gentleman’s Guide.”

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When asked about whose character he preferred the most, the actor revealed why he couldn’t choose from the roles he portrayed.

“Perhaps because I like them all regardless, if a character in one work is like this, I try to go back and forth with the opposite tendency in the next work, rather than playing characters with similar tendencies one after another.”

Furthermore, Lee Kyu Hyung said that there was no major overlap with the schedule, despite his projects being released almost at the same time.

According to him, “Handsome Guys” was filmed a few years ago, while “Uncle Samsik” underwent production in the first quarter of 2024.

On top of that, it also helped that the characters were quite different from each other.

Lee Kyu Hyung Claims ‘Weight Loss’ Might Be A Factor of His Injury

Lee Kyu Hyung candidly talked about the accident he had during the production of “Uncle Samsik.” While in the middle of the production, the actor suffered from an injury affecting his Achilles tendon.

Due to this, he immediately underwent emergency surgery, causing him to miss not only part of the filming but also the press conference of “Uncle Samsik” because he was still in the recovery period at the time.

According to the actor, he mentioned that his weight loss goal might be a factor prior to the injury.

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“I ran hard the day before the production conference for ‘Uncle Samsik’ to lose weight, and that’s how I ended up like this.”

He also acknowledged that he had a bad Achilles tendon.

Still looking after his health, Lee Kyu Hyung is hopeful that he will fully recover before his performance in the theatrical play “Gentleman’s Guide.”