Lee Min Ki & Kwak Sun Young Become Fearless Detectives In New Drama ‘Crash’

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The upcoming exhilarating action series “Crash” starring Lee Min Ki and Kwak Sun Young is finally making its debut this spring.

On March 21, the first-ever traffic crime investigation series announced its official premiere, raising the anticipation index to a new high. Read to know more.

Lee Min Ki & Kwak Sun Young’s ‘Crash’ Announces Premiere

Excitement for the forthcoming traffic investigative drama “Crash” is through the roof.

On March 21, the Channel ENA series “Crash” announced that it will air this spring, doubling the anticipation for Lee Min Ki and Kwak Sun Young’s K-drama return.

Kwak Sun Young
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(Photo : tvN Drama Official)

“Crash” follows the story of a traffic crime investigation team that tracks villains on the road without end. It’s directed by Park Jun Woo, the one who helmed the hit drama “Taxi Driver.”

In the drama, Lee Min Ki transforms into a foreman with sharp analytical skills named Cha Yeon Ho. Kwak Sun Young portrays Min So Hee, a strong woman with amazing martial arts and driving skills.

Lee Min Ki
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(Photo : tvN Drama Official)
Kwak Sun Young
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(Photo : tvN Drama Official)

Heo Sung Tae, who rose to stardom as the villain in “Squid Game,” joins the cast as Jung Chae Man, the team leader of the Traffic Crime Investigation (TCI) team.

Lastly, Lee Ho Cheol and Moon Hee give life to Woo Dong Gi and Eoh Hyun Kyung, respectively, TCI team members with specializations in cars and mixed martial arts.

The five-piece team is the best factor to look forward to in the show, and how they use their teamwork in taking down the bad guys that commit crime in the driveway.

Insider Heo Sung Tae
(Photo : JTBC )

With their diverse casting, an intense performance and sharp acting are guaranteed to captivate the viewers. The production team also promises the birth of a work that will write a new history in Hallyu.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Crash” this May 13. It airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. KST on Channel ENA.

‘Crash’ Doubles Excitement With Drama Trailer

Accompanying the announcement is a short breathtaking action drama trailer. The clip is filled with intense car-chasing scenes, which are the highlight of the work.

Kwak Sun Young, Lee Min Ki, Heo Sung Tae, Lee Ho Cheol, Moon Hee
(Photo : ENA Channel Official)

It’s impossible to take the eyes off of the teaser even for a minute. The video also induces vertigo as the car chase scenes become more and more realistic, making viewers sweat.

“Crash” drama trailer ends with the TCI team sweeping the bad guys on the road, screaming “Let’s go!” without any breaks, which doubles the excitement for the work.


Are you ready for Lee Min Ki and Kwak Sun Young’s “Crash”? Share your thoughts on the drama with us in the comments down below!