Lee Mujin Expresses Desire to Collab With THIS SHINee Member: ‘He’s the Only Person…’

Popular Korean singer Lee Mujin revealed that he wants to collaborate with this SHINee member in the future, and revealed the genre they would most likely do.

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Lee Mujin Selects SHINee Taemin as Solo Artist He Wants to Collab

On April 11, MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon” featured Lee Mujin as guest. In this episode, he talked about various topics about his life and career.

During the interview, singer-songwriter revealed the collab projects he has on his mind, mentioning the artists he wants to work with in the future.

Lee Mujin Expresses Desire to Collab With THIS SHINee Member: 'He's Only Person Like Him in Korea...'
(Photo : Lee Mujin, SHINee Taemin (Kpop Wiki | Kpopping))

In particular, while doing a balance game, he was asked which singer he would like to team up with among artists under the same label, Big Planet Made (BPM).

As a response, Mujin chose SHINee Taemin and VIVIZ. Regarding his senior idol Taemin, he also revealed the genre he wants to do with him, saying:

“I want to try the genre that Taemin is promoting. It’s sticky, but there’s something sensational and sexy in it that the only person that can do it like Taemin in Korea is Taemin. I want to make music that moves slowly. We will only use sound. I can’t sing together with him because it’s too much pressure.”

Lee Mujin Expresses Desire to Collab With THIS SHINee Member: 'He's Only Person Like Him in Korea...'
(Photo : Lee Mujin, Kim Shin Young (Newsen))

Lee Mujin pushes for folk and pop genres, different from what Taemin is known for.

The 23-year-old singer, who debuted in 2018, is popular for his hits, such as “Traffic Light,” “Ordinary Confession,” and “Episode.”

When told to leave a video letter to Taemin to commemorate becoming a member of the same company, Lee Mujin jokingly said:

“When I see you at the company, I will bow my head as much as you are my senior.”

In October last year, the two met on the web music show, “Lee Mujin’s Service,” where they had a duet cover of Girls’ Generation’s “Into the New World.”

At the time, they became a hot topic for their exceptional singing skills and vocal chemistry. Both of their fans urged them to have a collab project together soon.

While it was difficult since they were under different labels at the time, chances are greater now that Taemin transferred from SM Entertainment to BPM.

SHINee Taemin’s Recent Activities

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(Photo : Instagram: @bpm_ent_official)

After leaving SM Entertainment in March, Lee Taemin continues his solo activities under the new company.

Recently, he attended the 2024 Asia Star Entertainer Awards (ASEA) held in Japan and received two trophies. Taemin was hailed “The Best Conceptual Artist Award (Solo)” and “The Best Performance Award (Solo).”

Despite finding a new nest as a soloist, he will continue to work as SHINee Taemin.

This May, they will have an encore concert for “SHINee World VI: Perfect Illumination” to commemorate their 16th debut anniversary.