Lee Na-young’s friend Baek Eun-ah confirms Won Bin is still handsome and has not quitted acting

Baek Eun-ah mentioned her close friend Lee Na-young and her husband Won Bin in her latest radio appearance

Actress Baek Eun-ah appeared as a guest on KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show,” which aired on September 18th.

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Park Myung-soo introduced Baek Eun-ah as “25-year actress who became the first actress-turned-scholar and director of an institute in Korea.”

Lee Na Young Won Bin

Park Myung-soo went on to say, “It’s not your first time appearing on a radio show,” adding, “When you appeared last time, you said, ‘Won Bin is just my friend Lee Na-young’s husband.’

Baek Eun-ah said, “It’s a fact that Won-bin is the husband of actress Na-young. She is the actress I’m closest to.” 

In addition, Baek Eun-ah mentioned Won Bin, who is currently taking a break from his work, “He is not quitting his acting career. I heard he’s still looking for a production. He is very careful,” she added. “His beauty is still there. I confirmed it,” giving a smile.

lee na young

In particular, Park Myung-soo once again mentioned Lee Na-young’s remarks during her appearance on MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” in the past, saying, “At that time, Lee Na-young picked me as her ideal type, but she married Won Bin.”

In response, Baek Eun-ah said, “Ideal type and reality are always different. Park Myung-soo is just her ideal type, but in reality, it is Won Bin. This is the gap with reality. The only thing in front of her eyes was Won Bin,” she said calmly, creating laughter.

Meanwhile, Won Bin and Lee Na-young married in 2015 and have one son together.

Source: daum