Lee Sang Yeob Relationship 2023: Is the ‘My Lovely Boxer’ Star Dating Someone?

Lee Sang Yeob

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(Photo : Lee Sang Yeob Instagram)

As he steals hearts again on primetime, some are curious whether K-drama lead actor Lee Sang Yeob is dating someone at the moment.

Keep on reading to learn more about the actor’s current love status!

Lee Sang Yeob Headlines ‘My Lovely Boxer’

Lee Sang Yeob is back with another drama. This time, the actor explores the world of sports as he plays the role of a talent agent in the ongoing sports-themed series “My Lovely Boxer.”

My Lovely Boxer

(Photo : KBS Entertainment)

Different from his previous work “Eve,” Lee Sang Yeob’s new series offers various genres, such as romance, comedy, and mystery. He is paired with idol-actress Kim So Hye.

Similar to his role as Kim Tae Young Lee Sang Yeob also possesses the same caring and gentlemanly personality.

Lee Sang Yeob Linked to ‘The Sixth Sense’ Co-Star Jessi

In 2022, Lee Sang Yeob joined the cast members of the reality show “The Sixth Sense.” It is where he co-starred with Yoo Jae Suk, Jeon So Mi, Jessi, Oh Na Ra, and Lee Mi Joo.

The Sixth Sense

(Photo : The Sixth Sense Instagram)

As the show continued to gain popularity among viewers due to the cast’s chemistry, many were immersed in the synergy between Lee Sang Yeob and rapper Jessi. The audience is fond of seeing their interaction, plus the interest that the rapper shows to the actor.

With this, people started to ship the two and even sparked rumors that they might be dating in real life.

Just after the speculations took the internet, both Lee Sang Yeob and Jessi’s agencies denied.

Is Lee Sang Yeob Dating Someone?

This 2023, as Lee Sang Yeob returned to the spotlight, many noticed his glowing aura.

With this, some are curious if there is already someone special in the actor’s life.

Lee Sang Yeob

(Photo : Lee Sang Yeob Instagram)

But according to a source, Lee Sang Yeob is single. However, since he is a private person, and knows the environment of his work, it is hard to confirm his relationship status.

Meanwhile, he is busy with his solo projects and brand endorsements.

To see more of Lee Sang Yeob’s updates, you can follow him on Instagram @sangyeob. You can also catch him every Monday and Tuesday on KBS with “My Lovely Boxer.”

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