Lee Se Young & Kentaro Sakaguchi Share Sneak Peek For ‘What Comes After Love’

The upcoming Coupang Play romance series “What Comes After Love” has shared a glimpse into its first script reading, capturing the cast members’ flawless synergy.

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Since the announcement of its production, it has become one of the most anticipated works in Hallyu. The meeting of Lee Se Young and Kentaro Sakaguchi is a huge factor to watch for.

Here’s what we know so far about “What Comes After Love.” Check out the details by reading more.

Lee Se Young & Kentaro Sakaguchi Boast Flawless Synergy

On March 8, Coupang Play’s upcoming romance drama “What Comes After Love” shared a glimpse of its first-ever script reading event.

'What Comes After Love' Cast
Lee Se Young
(Photo : Coupang Play Official)

It was attended by A-list actors Lee Se Young and Kentaro Sakaguchi who headline the series. It marks their first time working together on a project.

“What Comes After Love” is based on the highly loved novel of the same name by South Korean writer Gong Ji Young and Japanese author Tsuji Hitonari.

The drama depicts the romantic tryst between a South Korean woman and a Japanese man who meet and fall in love in Japan, and reunite in South Korea years after their breakup.

'What Comes After Love' Cast
Kentaro Sakaguchi
(Photo : Coupang Play Official)

Lee Se Young transforms into Hong who falls for Jung Oh, played by Sakaguchi Kentaro, while studying abroad. In the first script reading, the actress masterfully synchronized with her role.

She perfectly pulled off her character’s dialogues with ease, showcasing her years of experience as an actress. Similarly, Kentaro Sakaguchi showed off his acting prowess.

He also evoked empathy and inspiration among his co-stars by capturing his character’s melancholic feelings, seamlessly disappearing into his character.

'What Comes After Love' Cast
Hong Jong Hyun
(Photo : Coupang Play Official)

In addition, Hong Jong Hyun and Nakamura Anne, who joined the ensemble, also boasted their equally amazing talents in acting, raising the excitement further.

Attention is given to the brand new series, especially Lee Se Young and Kentaro Sakaguchi’s chemistry as they take on their first-ever acting project together.

Meanwhile, “What Comes After Love” has already begun filming. It’s slated to be released within 2024 so stay tuned for more updates on the drama.

'What Comes After Love' Cast
Nakamura Anne
(Photo : Coupang Play Official)

Watch the clip during “What Comes After Love” table read below:

Lee Se Young & Kentaro Sakaguchi Dish On Working Together

This 2024, Lee Se Young and Sakaguchi Kentaro widen their horizon as they take on the South Korean and Japanese production of “What Comes After Love.”

Lee Se Young felt nothing but honored to headline the upcoming work, which she fell in love with after reading. She said, “I want to display love through my new acting role.”

'What Comes After Love' Cast
Kentaro Sakaguchi, Lee Se Young
(Photo : Coupang Play Official)

“I’m looking forward to working with Sakaguchi Kentaro,” she added. On the other hand, Sakaguchi Kentaro described Lee Se Young as “an actress with delicate acting.”

Are you excited for “What Comes After Love”? Share your thoughts on the drama in the comments down below!