Lee Seo Jin’s Agency Responds to Rumors Linking Him to Controversial Ghosting Issue

Lee Seo Jin’s agency Antenna finally spoke out on the rumors surrounding the veteran actor. 

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Following the reports linking him with a controversial figure named “Actor L,” the “Behind Every Star” star’s company responded to the speculations. 

Lee Seo Jin’s Agency Responds To Accusations Surrounding the Actor

In a report, Lee Seo Jin’s agency, Antenna, finally spoke out on the allegations surrounding the actor.

Lee Seo Jin
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Based on the official statement released by the talent label, they initially didn’t want to respond to rumors posted in an online community since everything “was entirely false.”

However, as the public continues to associate the controversial issue with their artist, Antenna shared that they are planning on taking legal action against “spreading indiscriminate rumors and malicious slander” targeting Lee Seo Jin. 

“Determining that we can no longer overlook the seriousness of the situation, we plan to respond to all cases in which malicious rumors continue to damage the character and reputation of our artist with strict legal action, with no settlements or agreements.”

In addition, Antenna concluded the statement by promising to continue their efforts “in protecting the rights” of their artists. 

Is Lee Seo Jin the Celebrity Behind ‘Actor L’?

An ex-girlfriend of a celebrity exposed her former boyfriend in an online community forum, claiming that the said person ghosted her after their four-year romance. 

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What made the post garner attention is that the former girlfriend claimed “actor L” kept on requesting her for nude photos during the course of their relationship. 

The ex-girlfriend mentioned that the actor allegedly still has her nude photos and she fears that they might be used against her. 

Besides the scandalous photos, the person also accused actor L of cheating.

Amid the issue, netizens speculated that Lee Seo Jin might be “actor L” because of the multiple similarities with the given identity. Due to this, a previous comment about his former girlfriend resurfaced. 

The issue sparked in 2008 when outlets revealed that he broke up with “Lovers in Paris” star Kim Jung Eun over a text message. 

At the time, SBS News shared that the actress’ agency mentioned that “Lee Seo Jin suddenly texted that he wanted to break up.”

The public showed their support for the actress, pointing out that Lee Seo Jin’s action was “extremely irresponsible” by showing no consideration for the other person.

In addition, there was even an anti-Lee Seo Jin movement that expressed their great disappointment to the actor for showing off an upright appearance in dramas, but in reality, he is not. 

On the other hand, in a previous interview, the actor recalled the experience, describing it as one of the biggest setbacks in his career.  The incident prompted him to temporarily move to Hong Kong to escape the controversy.