Lee Seohan’s Apology Letter

Regarding the video uploaded yesterday, it was just a joke among male friends. I apologize to Yedam and Yedam’s fans for the fact that the location of the video was Yedam’s studio. I hope you can refrain from speculating and misunderstanding this video in the future. I apologize for causing concern to those who watched the video. I will be more careful.

-Wow, what’s going on?
-What kind of joke is this?
-? How is that a joke…?
-Who is this person?? What happened?
-With that post, more speculations will arise
-So, the people in the video were two guys…?
-Who jokes around and films something like that, seriously?
-No way…
-Who covered those stickers in the photo?
-Oh my God.. This is completely wrong……This is crazy
-Whether it’s between a man and a woman or between two men, if it was filmed ilegally, it’s even more of a problem…
-In this incident, is Bang Yedam’s name just mentioned because that’s his studio and the person there is his friend, right? Did Bang Yedam do anything wrong?
 ㄴBang Yedam is getting dragged because the video was filmed in his studio, but since it looks like a hidden camera shot, it’s possible to think either 1. that actor used the studio without Bang Yedam’s knowing or 2. to think badly, that they provided the location or are doing the same thing as well.
-What did Bang Yedam do wrong to deserve this…
-Why isn’t anyone reporting this to the police?