Lee Seung-hyeop Opens Up About His Special Connection with Byun Woo-seok — ‘We Drank A Lot’

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Recently, in an interview at the iMBC Entertainment and FNC Entertainment headquarters, Lee Seung-hyeop reflected on his experience working on the popular tvN Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Seonjae and Jump’.

The series, penned by Lee Si-eun and directed by Yoon Jong-ho, captivated audiences with its unique blend of fantasy and romance, drawing inspiration from the web novel ‘Tomorrow’s Best’ by Kim Bbang.

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The drama follows Im Sol (played by Kim Hye-yoon), a devoted fan devastated by the death of renowned artist Ryu Seon-jae (Byun Woo-seok), who had once saved her life. Determined to alter fate, she travels back in time to 2008 to save Choi Ae.

Lee Seung-hyeop portrayed Baek In-hyeok, Ryu Seon-jae’s best friend, delivering a standout performance that added depth to the narrative. During the interview, Lee Seung-hyeop expressed his profound gratitude towards Byun Woo-seok, highlighting their strong bond.

“I have a lot to be grateful to Byun Woo-seok,” he stated. Recalling their early days on set, he noted, “As soon as we read the script, we talked a lot about acting.”

Lee admitted to feeling initial pressure about his role. “When I first took on this role, I felt pressured because I was worried about whether I could raise the tension to this level. I thought it would be difficult to perform this role without becoming really close friends with Seonjae.”

Determined to deliver an authentic performance, Lee made it his goal to become friends with Byun Woo-seok. “We ate together and had time to get to know each other in terms of acting,” he explained.

Their collaboration extended beyond the set as they coordinated their schedules to rehearse, read scripts together, and even experiment with their lines.

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This dedication to understanding each other deeply contributed to their convincing on-screen chemistry.

Byun Woo-seok, who is a year older than Lee Seung-hyeop, fostered a friendly dynamic both on and off the screen. Lee humorously shared, “We are friends in our roles, so Byun Woo-seok said, ‘Let’s just be friends.’ I was grateful for that. We drank a lot in the process of becoming friends.”

The drama ‘Seonjae and Jump’ concluded on the 28th with its 16th episode, leaving fans both satisfied and yearning for more. Lee Seung-hyeop’s portrayal of Baek In-hyeok, marked by genuine friendship and professional dedication, stood out as a highlight of the series.