Lee Sun-kyun and Jeon Hye-jin Return to Public Eye: Lee Sun-kyun’s Posthumous Works To be Released + Jeon Hye-jin’s Resumption of Activities

Jeon Hye-jin shared the heartbreaking news of losing her husband, Lee Sun-kyun, on December 27th last year, then her father-in-law three months later in March.

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Amidst her grief, Jeon Hye-jin announced her official return to work on June 3rd with her new drama “Riding Life”. Her agency, HODU&U Entertainment, described “Riding Life” as a “drama that captures various relationships between families” and stated, “Jeon Hye-jin will take on the role of the leading character Lee Jung-eun and greet viewers with a new appearance. Please show a lot of expectations and support for actress Jeon Hye-jin, who is preparing to see you guys again with a new project.”

lee sun kyung joen hye jin

“Riding Life”, Jeon Hye-jin’s comeback work, is currently in production and aims to air next year.

Additionally, the release of the movie “Mission Cross” (directed by Lee Myung-hoon) starring Jeon Hye-jin is now imminent. However, it is expected to be released on Netflix instead of in theaters.

lee sun kyung joen hye jin

“Mission Cross” is an action film about former agent “Kang Moo”, who lives as a veteran house-husband while hiding his past from his wife “Mi Sun”, the ace of the police’s violent crime unit who misunderstood her husband’s secret. In the film, Jeon Hye-jin plays Hee Joo, a junior agent who seeks Kang Moo’s help for an undercover investigation that begins with a missing person case.

Lee Sun-kyun’s posthumous works are also set to be unveiled this summer. “The Land of Happiness” (directed by Choo Chang-min) will be released in August, and “Project Silence” announced today (June 13th) that its release date is set for July 12th.

lee sun kyung

“Project Silence” is a disaster movie that tells about people who are isolated on the airport bridge just before collapse in an indistinguishable thick fog, struggling to survive the unexpected threats lurking in it. The film is directed by Kim Tae-gon of “Familyhood”. It was invited to the Midnight Screening section of the 76th Cannes Film Festival and has been pre-sold to 140 countries worldwide.

Following the disaster film “Project Silence”, “The Land of Happiness” deals with the story of a person involved in an incident that shook modern history and the lawyer who struggles to save him. It is also the new work of director Choo Chang-min, known for the 2012 film “Masquerade”, which attracted over 10 million viewers.