Lee Sun-kyun Tested ‘Negative’ In Simplified Drug Test

Actor Lee Sun-kyun returned home an hour after attending the police on charges of drug use.

The drug crime investigation team of the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency conducted a simple drug test on Lee Sun-kyun, who is being investigated for using marijuana under the Narcotics Control Act on the afternoon of October 28th. The result was negative.

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The police received a search warrant for Lee Sun-kyun’s body on October 25th and conducted a simplified drug test on the same day. The police plan to send Lee Sun-kyun’s hair and urine to the National Forensic Service for a more thorough evaluation.

lee sun kyun

Simplified tests generally respond when taken within 5-10 days, and it is known that the result might be unreliable if the drug was used a certain amount of time before the test. In the case of the precise test, it takes about a month for results to come out.

In addition, the police tried to confirm whether Lee Sun-kyun admitted the charges, but Lee Sun-kyun refused to face-to-face investigation and did not make any statements. As a result, Lee Sun-kyun’s formal face-to-face investigation has been postponed to the next summoning investigation schedule.

Lee Sun-kyun

Lee Sun-kyun, who attended the police station that day, apologized, “First of all, I sincerely apologize causing great disappointment to many people because I was involved in such an unpleasant incident.”

Lee Sun-kyun also apologized to his family, saying, “I just feel sorry for my family who are suffering so hard at this moment.”

Regarding questions about his relationship with the head of the hostess bar, what threats he received from her, and whether he admitted the charges, he only repeatedly said, “I will faithfully follow investigation.”

The investigation into Lee Sun-kyun was completed in an hour. Lee Sun-kyun left the police station that day and said, “I’ve already submitted my cell phone. I have responded well to the requests necessary for the next official investigation,” he said. “I heard they will call for an investigation later, so I’ll answer with sincerity at that time.” I’m sorry,” he said.

Finally, Lee Sun-kyun said, “I’m so sorry for the great disappointment to everyone who supported me. I will faithfully participate in the investigation in the future,” he said.

Source: Daum