Lee Sung Kyung’s Drama ‘Dr Romantic’ Motivates Actress to Support Regional Trauma Center

Lee Sung Kyung ends 2023 with a heartwarming gesture as the “Dr. Romantic 2” star showed her support for Dankook University Hospital.

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Joining a number of celebrities who were wrapping up 2023 and ringing 2024 with generous action, the 33-year-old actress made a heartwarming donation to patients dealing with severe trauma injuries.

Lee Sung Kyung Donated 100 Million Won After Being Inspired by Her Character in ‘Dr. Romantic’

According to a local media outlet, the South Korean actress has donated 100 million won, or approximately 75,700 USD, to the hospital’s trauma center in December 2023.

The department is in charge of emergency surgery and treatment for patients who are undergoing treatment for severe trauma injuries.

The donation will go to the expansion of the regional trauma center’s medical infrastructure.

This serves as the facility that caters to emergency surgeries and treatment for severe trauma patients at Dankook University Hospital.

Interestingly, the heartwarming gesture comes after Lee Sung Kyung was inspired by the medical K-drama “Dr. Romantic,” where she takes on the role of Cha Eun Jae, Doldam Hospital’s thoracic surgeon.

Dr. Romantic 3 Lee Sung Kyung

(Photo : YG Stage Entertainment)

Dr. Romantic 3

(Photo : SBS)

Dr. Romantic 3

(Photo : SBS)

According to the outlet, the actress showed interest after she was moved by her character and the drama’s premise regarding the patients, staff, and their stories.

Due to this, she wants to help save trauma patients in her own way.

“I wanted to indirectly experience the reality of trauma care in Korea and contribute in a small way to the advancement of the medical field, particularly in saving trauma patients.”

The 100 million KRW donation at Dankook University Hospital’s trauma center was just one of the actress several charitable activities.

Lee Sung Kyung also showed her support for various organizations that cater to disaster relief efforts.

From the COVID-19 outbreak to natural disasters like forest fires and floods, the “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” star also actively participates, donating to low-income families, children with cancer, and the underprivileged, as well as supporting initiatives that support single mothers.

What’s Next for Lee Sung Kyung?

Lee Sung Kyung Fan Meet 2023

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While “Dr. Romantic” season 4 is still up in the air, Lee Sung Kyung is set to portray an interesting character for her upcoming series.

The 33-year-old beauty teams up with Lee Dong Wook for the thriller rom-com “The Good Man.”

Joined by Ryu Hye Young as the lead star, the drama focuses on the journey of the three generations of the gangster family.

“The Good Man” is directed by Song Hae Sung of the movie “My Wife” and penned by Kim Woon Kyung, who worked on the dramas “The Thief’s Daughter,” “Yoo Na’s Street,” and more.

In addition to Lee Sung Kyung’s new dramas, she is also in talks to star in the melodrama “In Your Brilliant Season” with Seo In Guk.