Lee Yeon-hee Got Pregnant After Four Years Of Marriage

Lee Yeon-hee posted a handwritten letter on her social media account on June 7th, saying, “I wrote this because I wanted to share good news today.”

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Lee Yeon-hee said, “A very grateful and precious life has come to me. I was thinking about when to deliver the news, now I think it’s a good time to tell you, so I’m telling you like this.”

“In fact, everything is still amazing and doesn’t feel real, I’m trying to spend my days healthily,” she said, adding, “I hope the fans who love me will be happy and congratulate me.”

Saram Entertainment, Lee Yeon-hee’s agency, told Ilgan Sports, “Thankfully, a precious new life has arrived at Lee Yeon-hee’s family,” adding, “We ask for a lot of blessings and support for Lee Yeon-hee and the baby, who will be born in September this year.”

Meanwhile, Lee Yeon-hee married a non-celebrity two years younger in 2020.