Lee Yi Kyung K-dramas To Check Out: ‘Welcome To Waikiki,’ ‘Go Back Couple,’ More

After starring in “Marry My Husband” earlier this 2024, Lee Yi Kyung slowly rose to fame every broadcast thanks to his captivating charms and allure.

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With this, he’s been dubbed as one of the newest leading men in Hallyu since. Many fans around the globe want to see more of him and his works.

If you loved Lee Yi Kyung in the revenge drama, then this is for you. Here are four amazing K-drama recommendations starring the rising star. Keep on reading.

‘Welcome To Waikiki’

Before becoming the “good-for-nothing” husband in “Marry My Husband,” Lee Yi Kyung stole the hearts of many K-drama fans with his goofy side in the hit sit-com “Welcome To Waikiki.”

Lee Yi Kyung
(Photo : tvN)

He became one of the most loved actors in the show alongside seasoned actors Kim Jung Hyun and Son Seung Won, whom he ran the guesthouse called Waikiki with.

In the sit-com, he played the role of an actor who’s struggled finding the spotlight as he couldn’t desert the shadow that his A-list actor father put him in.

Welcome To Waikiki
(Photo : JTBC)

He finds himself happier as a guesthouse owner, showcasing his comical and romantic sides, which the viewers loved. Thanks to their synergy, the show earned another season. Catch all seasons now on Netflix.

‘Royal Secret Agent’

Lee Yi Kyung also worked with Kim Myung Soo and Kwon Na Ra in the historical rom-com series “Royal Secret Agent.”

Lee Yi Kyung
(Photo : Twitter)

He starred as a right hand man to the former’s character as they take down corrupt politicians and public officers by becoming secret agents in the government.

Kim Myung Soo, Kwon Nara, And Lee Yi Kyung Looks Dashing in Their Individual Posters For Upcoming Historical Drama “Secret Royal Inspector”
(Photo : instagram)
Kim Myung Soo, Kwon Nara, And Lee Yi Kyung Looks Dashing in Their Individual Posters For Upcoming Historical Drama “Secret Royal Inspector”

While it’s an underrated show, it’ll certainly make your while so don’t forget to check out “Royal Secret Agent” on Netflix and Viu.

‘Go Back Couple’

The old but gold K-drama “Go Back Couple” is one of Lee Yi Kyung’s first works. Since it’s been released, the show earned massive recognition from the viewers.

It tells the story of an unhappy couple who travel back in time after declaring their regrets of marrying each other at such a young age.

Lee Yi Kyung
(Photo : Lee Yi Kyung Instagram)

They meet again for the first time as 20-year-old students in the university, and are given the chance to change the course of their future.

In the series, Lee Yi Kyung plays Son Ho Jun’s best friend who has a charming personality and beautiful long locks. On the other hand, “Go Back Couple” is now streaming on Netflix.

‘X in Crisis’

One of Lee Yi Kyung’s most recent works is “X in Crisis” with Kwon Sang Woo, Sung Dong Il and Lim Se Mi.

Im Se Mi
(Photo : Marie Claire Korea Official)

The drama tells the struggles of an ordinary man who lives an unfortunate life as he finds himself knee-deep in debt while being on a brink of bankruptcy.

Lee Yi Kyung
(Photo : Lee Yi Kyung Instagram)

“X in Crisis” is a healing K-drama for people who have lost their will to live. It’s available for worldwide streaming on Wavve.