Lee Yi Kyung Tries to Make His Father’s ‘Dream Come True’ By Doing THIS on ‘Hangout With Yoo’

Lee Yi Kyung is fulfilling his father’s dream on air during his guest appearance in “Hangout with Yoo.”

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In a teaser video, the MBC program released a sneak peek of the upcoming episode featuring the “Marry My Husband” star. 

Lee Yi Kyung ‘Graduates’ SNU

Prior to the episode’s broadcast, Lee Yi Kyung was spotted wearing a complete set of graduation uniform from Seoul National University (SNU), one of the most prestigious schools in South Korea. 

Lee Yi Kyung
(Photo : Lee Yi Kyung Instagram)

Despite the harsh snowy weather, Lee Yi Kyung happily posed with a graduation cap and the black cape while he took a photo in front of SNU’s main gate. 

To complete the experience, the actor was greeted by his friends as well as the “Hangout with Yoo” members.

Lastly, they also hand the actor a bouquet to congratulate him on his graduation. 

In one scene, Lee Yi Kyung mentioned his father and how his parents wanted to see him in a graduation suit. 

Lee Yi Kyung’s father, Lee Ung Beom, was the former CEO of LG Innotek. 

He once mentioned in an interview that his father approved of his decision to drop out of school. 

Lee Yi Kyung Recalls Decision to Drop Out of School and Live Alone

Lee Yi Kyung
(Photo : Lee Yi Kyung Instagram)

In 2019, the actor talked about his life living alone after dropping out of school. 

During his guest appearance in JTBC’s “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,” he shared that he decided to drop out of high school at 18. 

One of his adult decisions is to live alone and choose the neighborhood of Noryangjin. 

He rented a rooftop apartment and worked as a part-timer to make ends meet. 

“I worked at a DVD and comic book rental shop. The store, which had been losing money for eight months, earned a surplus of 800 won (approximately $0.70) after three months. The owner asked me, a teenager, to run the store.”

As for his parents, Lee Yi Kyung’s father was the one who suggested that he drop out of school. 

“I used to play sports, but I gave up because I got hurt. After my dream disappeared, I developed a mental disease [depression]. My dad said, ‘Just live doing what you want to do,’ and signed my [school] withdrawal papers.”

Despite living a simple life, Lee Yi Kyung was able to make his father proud of the notable K-dramas that he joined. 

Among this is his latest series, “Marry My Husband,” where viewers get to see a different side of him other than comedy. 

Lee Yi Kyung takes on the role of antagonist, Park Min Hwan, who is the abusive husband of Kang Ji Won (Park Min is young).”