Lee Young Ji’s Heartfelt Gift to College Entrance Exam Takers: Premium Beef, Apple Watch, and More

Lee Young Ji shows love to her fans who took the college entrance exam by giving generous gifts

On November 16th, through her Twitter account, Lee Young Ji left a message to the college entrance test takers, “You did well, you are the best.”

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Lee Young Ji had pre-purchased and shared codes for gifts such as grade 1 Korean beef, chicken set, Apple Watch, and more. By entering the code in the KakaoTalk gift feature, fans could receive Lee Young Ji’s gifts.

lee young ji

The heartfelt consideration of Lee Young Ji towards the fans who have been preparing for the college entrance exam is impressive. A fan who received the gift of Korean beef left a review saying, “Unnie, even though today’s exam didn’t go well, thank you. I’ll enjoy it.”

Alongside this, Lee Young Ji’s college entrance exam story has gained attention. In 2020, she had to take the college entrance exam but overslept and missed it. At that time, around 10:30 AM, she said, “I was so nervous and worked until late, I didn’t hear the alarm, and what happened now is true,” revealing the fact that she couldn’t make it to the exam venue.

Lee Young Ji debuted in 2019 and became the first female winner of Mnet’s hip-hop survival show ‘Show Me The Money 11.’ Besides her talent, she is also loved for her humor, easygoing personality and known for her positive influence, making generous donations to children at risk of malnutrition and orphans.

Source: insight