Leeteuk opens up about getting less jobs due to changing trends in variety

Article: Leeteuk, “My career went on the decline with the changing trends… I suffered from depression over my greed of wanting more screentime”

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Source: X Sports News via Nate

[+76, -3] Didn’t his image go downhill after his “Yeonwoo-ya” scandal?? He got cemented as a f*ckboy that hits on girls in DMs after that.

– [+4] Image is everything in this field and you can’t really say that was good behavior from him

– [+9] It wasn’t even just Yeonwoo, he got caught sending DMs to multiple women ㅋㅋ

[+23, -2] Even with trends changing, Brian is much older senior and he’s still found a way to adapt and stay relevant… seems more like a personal issue for him, especially with his various scandals as well;;

[+16, -1] When was Leeteuk ever relevant??? Always bothered me how he acted like a boomer to Kyuhyun by accusing him of not taking variety work as seriously as him. 

[+3, -0] I’m surprised we’re still seeing him on TV at all

[+2, -0] Uh, you lost your job because you got exposed for hitting on much younger women…

[+2, -0] Leeteuk-ah, come on..

[+2, -0] Trends have changed but I think it’s also because all the variety idols that peaked with ‘Star King’ never adapted past copying Kang Ho Dong’s style of MCing. 

[+2, -0] I’m always shocked that faces like Leeteuk and Eunhyuk were ever able to become celebrities