Legendary 2nd-Generation Girl Group Members Make a 13-Year Comeback

Brown Eyed Girls (BEG) member Narsha is making a solo comeback after 13 years

Recently, her agency, Star Entertainment, announced, “Singer Narsha will release a single album on November 18th and make a comeback.”

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This new song is Narsha’s solo song released after 13 years since ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’ in 2010. It’s a ballad song that showcases Narsha’s unique and captivating voice.

Brown Eyed Girls narsha

Notably, this album is produced by the artist she has admired and been influenced by since her childhood, Doo Hyun Do of Dus. Narsha personally approached Doo Hyun Do and they collaborated closely on the album’s direction, resulting in a high-quality album.

Narsha expressed her gratitude to the fans who have been waiting for her for a long time and stated that she wanted to apologize, even a little, for making them wait. She mentioned that she tried to focus on the joy and responsibility of the work rather than dwelling on the 13-year gap.

Narsha, making a comeback with a new song after a long hiatus, said, “This album is released after 13 years, so I had many thoughts after the release of my first solo song.”

Brown Eyed Girls

She continued, “The most challenging part of this album’s work was letting go of the feeling that, as time passed, it became like an insurmountable homework or mission to complete the album. Working on the songs with senior Doo Hyun Do was the driving force that helped me break the long gap and it was a time when I could get more inspiration.”

She also added, “I’m diligently working on the album that will be released next year, so I hope the fans who have been away will come back. I want to let you know that I haven’t retired yet.”

During her hiatus, Narsha engaged in various activities beyond her main career as a singer, such as appearing in entertainment shows like JTBC’s ‘Jjandangpo,’ Channel A’s ‘Today’s Men’s Life – Husband Class,’ IHQ’s ‘Why Does This Taste Good?,’ SBS LoveFM Radio’s ‘Narsha’s Abracadabra,’ and the drama ‘2021~2022 WILD WILD Fantastic Nightmare.’ She showcased her versatility in various fields, including radio DJ, theater, and musical directing.

With Narsha releasing a new song after 13 years, there is much anticipation for what she will bring in this new album.

Source: wikitree