Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11 Recap and Review: A Few Stops Away From Uncovering the Truth

Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11, titled “The culprit is among us”, premiered on January 24, 2023, on Netflix. The search for the culprit goes on and many new pieces of evidence come forth that point towards finding him. However, certain instances can lead to a fatal moment.

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Like Flowers in Sand (모래에도 꽃이 핀다) is a South Korean drama series directed by Kim Jin-woo and written by Won Yoo-jung. Developed by KT Studio Genie and produced by Astory, the series stars Jang Dong-yoon and Lee Ju-myoung in the lead roles alongside Yoon Jong-seok, Kim Bo-ra, Lee Jae-joon, Lee Joo-seung and others.

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The narrative of the show revolves around a group of young individuals striving to flourish in their lives amid the vibrant setting of Geosan’s ssireum city. In June 2023, AStory production company revealed the signing of a licensing agreement with Netflix for the global broadcasting rights of the series. The show now occupies the ENA’s Wednesday and Thursday 21:00 time slot, formerly held by Moon In The Day.

Scheduled for a total of 12 episodes, each has an approximate runtime of 60 minutes. The show is originally shot in Korean, however, it is also available with English subtitles.

-Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11 Recap Contains Spoilers-

The episode starts with a flashback where young Baek-du, Du-sik, Jin-su, Mi-ran and Seok-hui are playing together. Seok-hui brings a disposable camera and takes pictures of his friends. Meanwhile, Mi-ran’s father was having a serious discussion with someone and seemed rather disturbed.

Back in the present day, the entire group discusses finding the culprit who killed Chil-seong. Du-sik reveals that the culprit is still among them because Chil-seong’s phone was turned on in the town for a brief time. Then Seok-hui states that it was he who turned the phone on. He further adds that he found Chil-seong’s burner phone at the nearby reservoir.

Seok-hui reveals that he followed the town’s dog Snowball who often visited the reservoir. He suspects that the culprit intentionally let Snowball off his leash so that he can find the phone. The conclusion was reached that there was some important information on the phone which is why the criminal was so desperate to find it.

Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11 still 1
Still from Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11

Later as Baek-du is walking Du-sik home, he meets with Snowball on the way to home. However, someone else arrived at the scene and it is none other than Pil-du. Baek-du grows suspicious of him because he knows that someone lets Snowball free every night. meanwhile, Seok-hui receives the information from Snowball’s owner that she saw someone outside her house and the man’s build was similar to that of a ssireum player.

Seok-hui immediately shares the information with Du-sik. Both Seok-hui and Hyeon-uk take to the streets to confirm everyone’s alibi on June 7th, the day Chil-seong was found dead. Everyone seemed to have an alibi except for Pil-du and Baek-du’s suspicions grew after hearing that. He confines in Du-sik about his suspicions about Pil-du.

Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11 still 2
Still from Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11

However, when he reaches home, he finds Pil-du drinking with his father. He then overhears them talking about Joo Cheol-yong’s incident. Years back during the investigation, Pil-du shared some misinformation with the police due to which he felt guilty. Baek-du arrives to the conclusion that Pil-du cannot be the culprit of the murder.

The group then plans to bring out the culprit by luring him towards Mi-ran. Du-sik asked Mi-ran to reveal that she is Cheol-yong’s daughter to the people of the town. Mi-ran also added that she has a piece of important information about the case that could lead to the arrest of the culprit. However, later in the day, someone arrives at the cafe and asks her about the proof that she possesses and the episode ends on that note.

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Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11 Review: Final Thoughts

In the latest episode, the narrative reaches new heights, making it the best episode yet. The meticulous nature of the investigation takes centre stage, weaving a compelling tapestry of clues and revelations. Every piece of information is presented with finesse, allowing the audience to follow the intricate details of the plot with ease. The smooth flow of information adds a layer of coherence to the storyline, creating a seamless progression that captivates the viewer’s attention. As the episode unfolds, the anticipation for the final installment intensifies, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11 still 3
Still from Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11

Like Flowers in Sand is now streaming on Netflix. Did you watch the new episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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