Like Flowers in Sand Episode 7 Recap and Review: Navigating the Internal War and Revisiting the Past

Like Flowers in Sand Episode 7 titled “New Day New Incident”, premiered on January 10, 2023, on Netflix. Baek-du is ready to face the new championship and prove himself, however, he is found doubting himself right before the game. On the other hand, Do-sik uncovers the identity of a person who played a major role in her past life.

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Like Flowers in Sand (모래에도 꽃이 핀다) is a South Korean drama series directed by Kim Jin-woo and written by Won Yoo-jung. Developed by KT Studio Genie and produced by Astory, the series stars Jang Dong-yoon and Lee Ju-myoung in the lead roles alongside Yoon Jong-seok, Kim Bo-ra, Lee Jae-joon, Lee Joo-seung and others.

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The narrative of the show revolves around a group of young individuals striving to flourish in their lives amid the vibrant setting of Geosan’s ssireum city. In June 2023, AStory production company revealed the signing of a licensing agreement with Netflix for the global broadcasting rights of the series. The show now occupies the ENA’s Wednesday and Thursday 21:00 time slot, formerly held by Moon In The Day.

Scheduled for a total of 12 episodes, each has an approximate runtime of 60 minutes. The show is originally shot in Korean, however, it is also available with English subtitles.

-Like Flowers in Sand Episode 7 Recap Contains Spoilers-

The episode opens with a flashback where young Do-sik comes to meet Baek-du at his house for the last time. She asks him to keep playing ssireum and become a champion one day. Baek-du is unable to understand why she kept saying those things until he finally realised that she was leaving town and never coming back.

In the present, Do-sik is seen talking about her past to Hyeon-uk where she reveals that she is in fact Do-sik he has been looking for across town. She explains that when she was young, her father was the coach of the ssireum team. However, he was accused of match-fixing with a student, which pushed the player into committing suicide. Since he could not bear the blame anymore, her entire family left town.

The next day, Baek-du gets ready for his match in the championship. However, he misses his bus and takes help from Do-sik to take him to the games. When he reaches there, the coach realises that he has gained the above weight limit, which can disqualify him. Without wasting any time Baek-du starts to exercise so that he can lose a kg before the selection process. During the selection he passes the test and is eligible to compete in the match.

Like Flowers in Sand Episode 7 Recap and Review: Navigating the Internal War and Revisiting the Past

The entire team goes out to celebrate at a restaurant before the big match. But Baek-du does not eat anything as he leaves the place to talk to Do-sik. Later, it is revealed that the entire team got food poisoning, and only Baek-du is left to compete in the championship. Do-sik arrives to show her support, which boosts Baek-du with a lot of confidence.

In the first match, he has to compete with a seasoned player who has a lot of experience. As the match starts, he loses the first round. Nevertheless, he wipes himself up and manages to win the second round. Ultimately, he wins the match and quickly qualifies for the next round. He manages to win each and every match, and he gets through the semi-finals. Only one match is left for him to step into the final match.

Like Flowers in Sand Episode 7 Recap and Review: Navigating the Internal War and Revisiting the Past

However, Do-sik gets a phone call from her captain, who reveals the information she had requested to find out. Baek-du assumes that Do-sik is still watching him, which makes him happy. But during the match, his teammates arrive and inform him that Do-sik is not in the stadium anymore. This revelation fills Baek-du with doubt, and he starts to falter. Meanwhile, Do-sik arrives at the place where she meets Joo Mi-ran, the cafe owner. Surprisingly, she addresses Do-sik as her elder sister, and the episode ends on that note.

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Like Flowers in Sand Episode 7 Review: Final Thoughts

The narrative flow within the episode unfolds seamlessly, captivating the audience with its smooth story progression. Commencing the episodes with a well-crafted flashback not only sets the stage but also establishes a pre-existing connection between the characters, providing the audience with a profound understanding of their backgrounds. Additionally, the exceptional performances by the actors contribute significantly to the creation of an enigmatic atmosphere around the storyline and their respective roles. Their adept portrayal adds layers of intrigue, keeping viewers hooked and eager to unravel the mysteries at play.

Like Flowers in Sand Episode 7 Recap and Review: Navigating the Internal War and Revisiting the Past

Like Flowers in Sand is now streaming on Netflix. Did you watch the new episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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