Lim Ji Yeon under fire for openly supporting Kim Hieora amid school violence controversy

As new bullying evidence was revealed, netizens are also criticizing Lim Ji Yeon for taking Kim Hieora’s side

Lim Ji Yeon recently made headlines for publicly showing her support for Kim Hieora by pressing “like” on her fellow actress’s apology.

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Lim Ji Yeon and Kim Hieora starred in Netflix’s original series “The Glory” together and played school violence perpetrators. Even after the drama ended, the two have maintained a close friendship. 

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Apart from Lim Ji Yeon, another “The Glory” actor Jung Sung Il also “liked” Kim Hieora’s apology post. Since then, several testimonies defending Kim Hieora have been poured out. 

While many people thought the public opinion would reverse, criticism arose again when the transcript of a phone call between Kim Hieora and middle school classmate A, who claimed to have been Kim Hieora’s victim, was released on the 9th. 

In the transcript, A said, “You hit me the most. Do you admit that you hit me? You called me to the karaoke and hit me, right?”. In response, Kim Hieora asked A, “You want me to admit it? Then I’ll admit it.”

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As a result, the school violence controversy intensified again, and many are showing negative reactions towards Lim Ji Yeon’s support for Kim Hieora, such as “Why did she make it so obvious?”, “I can’t understand her careless action”, “Just contact each other personally”, etc. However, some defend Lim Ji Yeon, saying “It was just a ‘like’”, “I feel unfair for Lim Ji Yeon”, “The situation was different when she liked the apology”, etc.

Regarding the phone conversation transcript, Kim Hieora’s agency said, “There are edited parts”, adding “We will solve all misunderstandings and controversies mentioned by the media one by one”.

Source: Nate