Lisa and Jisoo signed contracts with other agencies after receiving “tens of billions” in down payments + YG says “no comment”

ArticleBlackpink renews only Rosé’s contract? YG, “Nothing has been confirmed, we are discussing”

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Source: STAR News

YG Entertainment has still not given a definitive answer whether Blackpink will renew contracts.

According to insider reports, Rosé is the only member that has renewed her contract. Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa are moving to other agencies and are currently discussing whether to continue activities with Blackpink in a “separate but together” strategy for about 1 year and 6 months. 

Among the members, Jisoo is planning to become an actress and Lisa, who’s popular overseas, have signed contracts with other agencies after receiving tens of billions of won in down payments. 

In response to this report, an official from YG declined to comment and just briefly stated, “we’re still discussing it, nothing has been confirmed.”

Meanwhile, Blackpink contracts expired on their 7th debut anniversary on August 8th. 

Additional source: XPorts News, Hankook Ilbo, Herald Pop