Lisa has reportedly decided “not to renew” her Blackpink contract, other members “unclear” + YG releases statement

Article: YG again denies rumors that Lisa’s contract will not be renewed… “Still discussing” [Official]

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Source: TV Report

Rumors are spreading that Lisa has decided not to renew her contract.

While Blackpink technically passed ‘7 year curse‘, there’s still no official news regarding contract renewals with members Jisoo, Rosé, Jennie, and Lisa.

According to reports, Lisa’s contract with Blackpink has reportedly not been renewed. Last July, a Chinese agency also claimed they received word that it would be difficult to consider schedules with Lisa due to uncertainties regarding her contract renewals. As a result, curiosity grew about Lisa’s future. 

However, at the time, YG briefly replied, “Failures to plan schedules with Lisa in August are due to tour and personal schedules and has nothing to do with contract status. Renewals are currently being discussed.”

Unfortunately, despite YG’s official statement, rumors of Lisa not renewing her contract did not die down. Rumors continued to pour out that Lisa has been offered tens of billions of won by other agencies and has rejected two YG offers, the latest priced at 50 billion won. 

However, on the 15th, YG once again emphasized, “We’re still discussing renewing Lisa’s contract. The rumor has not been officially confirmed.”

Meanwhile, it still remains unclear whether the remaining members will renew their contracts.

Blackpink is scheduled to hold ‘Born Pink‘ finale concert at Gocheok Sky Dome on 16th and 17th.