Lisa rejects two YG offers to renew contract with Blackpink + group to go into “indefinite hiatus” with “last stage” in Seoul

Article: “50 billion won contract for Lisa?” Blackpink’s fiery ‘7 year curse’

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Source: STAR News

While Blackpink has technically passed the ‘7 year curse’ there is still no news on contract renewals. 

As a result, the entertainment industry is paying keen attention because this issue will have a significant impact on YG Entertainment‘s stock price. 

According to widespread reports, Lisa has received several offers worth tens of billions of won from overseas including her hometown Thailand. In fact, following YG’s first offer to renew her contract, there are reports she recently turned down YG’s second offer worth about 50 billion won. 

There are rumors that YG is running into quite a few issues trying to renew Lisa’s contract. Her contract with YG was also unclear last July after rumors that she was discussing with a Chinese agency however YG stated that “contract renewals are still under discussion.”

Whether Blackpink will renew with YG still remains a question mark. There are concerns the Gocheok Dome finale concert stage will likely be Blackpink’s “last stage” as a group. 

An official from Securities industry revealed, “the group will likely go into indefinite hiatus and suspend activities after the world tour.”

It’s been one month after their 7th anniversary on August 8th however YG and Blackpink’s contract renewal has yet to be concluded. Even if the contract expiration date has passed, a fixed schedule prior to contract expiration is still regarded as a valid contract and has to be finalized.

Blackpink members are also drawing attention with dating rumors everyday. Jennie was rumored to be dating EXO Kai, Big Bang G-Dragon, and recently BTS V. Lisa drew attention with rumors of a romantic relationship with top chaebol son Frederic Arnault, Rose with actor Kang Dong-won and Ji-soo confirmed her relationship with actor Ahn Bo-hyun

Many are also paying attention to members comments regarding their “intentions.” At the Singapore concert, Rose stated“Blackpink will not go anywhere” resulting in cheers however Jennie mentioned it would be their “last one” before their finale performance at the Gocheok Dome.