Lisa Reportedly Spends A Week with Frédéric Arnault in France

Frédéric Arnault is currently a pillar of support for Lisa (BLACKPINK) after the recent controversies

November 7th was Lisa’s rumored boyfriend – Frédéric Arnault’s birthday. Therefore, there are rumors that Lisa quietly flew to France to congratulate her lover. According to Chinese media, after celebrating the birthday with Frédéric Arnault, Lisa did not immediately leave. She stayed in Paris for a week, spending time with her boyfriend as well as going shopping.

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Lisa at a Celine store in France

“During the toughest times, her boyfriend has always been by Lisa’s side,” a close source to the couple revealed.

According to Sina, Lisa traveled to France on her boyfriend CEO’s private jet. This indicates that the couple is still maintaining a stable and happy relationship, despite various rumors suggesting otherwise, such as a breakup.

It is noteworthy that a flight attendant who encountered Lisa on the plane revealed that Lisa looked exhausted. The flight attendant was declined when requesting to take a photo with the Thai star.

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Lisa’s future remains uncertain. Korean media reports that the idol has not renewed her contract with YG Entertainment.

Source: Sina, K14