List of Idols Popular Among Gays Raises Brows – Why Did It Offend Female K-pop Fans?

After the list of K-pop idols popular among gays circulated online, Korean women raised their brows and shared that they felt offended.

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But for what reason?

List of Idols Popular Among Gays Raises Brows – Why Did It Offend Female K-pop Fans?
TWS Dohoon, RIIZE Sungchan

On June 5, a netter took to the online forum Instiz and released a list of male idols popular among the gay community.

In the post, RIIZE Sungchan is included, along with TWS Shinyu and Dohoon, who are the most mentioned idols by the sexual minority these days.

Sungchan is known for his top-notch sexy yet cute visuals, tall height, and solid physique, on top of his impeccable dancing skills.

A post shared by instagram

Shinyu and Dohoon are loved for their pure yet charismatic image, exuding youth nostalgia with their “first love” appearances.

Upon posting, people quickly agreed and highlighted that the three aforementioned idols’ popularity is really on the rise, regardless of age, gender, and nationality.

  • “Shinyu and Dohoon are really popular.”
  • “Among RIIZE, Sungchan is mentioned the most.”

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While it appears to be a harmless post that tackles the male stars’ reach beyond K-pop fans, female supporters of the idols raised their brows, expressing that they got offended by both the post and the idols.

They asked the OP what the sense of the post is, and that they didn’t want to know who are the “Gay Picks.”

  • “We don’t need gay picks.”
  • “When I see posts like this, I get so offensive.”
  • “It’s so cringe-worthy to be popular among gays, men and male wives.”

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They continued to criticize and reiterated that idols don’t need to increase their popularity among the LGBTQ+ community, since they claimed that at the end of the day, it would be female fans who would only buy their albums and support the business.

  • “Do gays buy your physical albums if they like you? I feel like it’s useless to write business posts about them.”
  • “Women will be the only ones spending the money though, so why do idols try so hard to gain popularity from them?”
  • “Fans don’t like posts like this.”

As more and more negative comments were being written, some netizens said:

  • ‘Why are you guys so serious? The atmosphere is embarrassing. Isn’t this just similar to teenage popular picks although the tone is light-hearted.”
  • “Why is it like this? Why are guys so displeased?”
  • “Why are you guys so angry?”
  • “They are all just good-looking guys, right?”