“Little Go Hyun Jung” UEE has become Queen of weekend dramas

Actress UEE is returning with a new weekend drama on KBS called “Live Your Own Life”

UEE made her debut in the entertainment industry in 2009 as a member of the girl group After School. In the same year, she appeared on MBC’s popular drama “Queen Seondeok” as younger Mishil.

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The actress who played the adult version of Mishil was Go Hyun Jung. That’s why UEE was nicknamed “Little Go Hyun Jung” due to the resemblance in their visuals.


UEE also revealed that she decided to participate in the casting for “Queen Seondeok” because of their similar appearances. 

As historical drama was not an easy genre, UEE reportedly practiced her lines in historical drama tones even before every filming. As a result, she proved her passionate acting and perfectly portrayed an emotional crying scene without saying a single line. It was a short scene but UEE successfully left a strong impression on viewers with her acting debut.


Since her idol activities stopped, UEE has been building her solid filmography gradually She played the role of Kim Do Ran in KBS’s 2018 weekend drama “My Only One” and achieved a viewer rating record of 49.4%.

Emerging as “Weekend Drama Queen” in name and in reality, UEE is raising high expectations for her comeback with KBS’s new weekend series “Live Your Own Life”, which will premiere on September 16th.


This drama tells the story of the third sibling in a family, who has devoted her life to taking care of her family due to her kind and warm personality, eventually pursuing an independent life away from her family after suffering a hard time.

UEE takes on the female lead role of fitness trainer Lee Hyo Sim. She will have a romance with Ha Joon, who plays Kang Tae Ho, the second son of chaebol Taesan Group. Apart from the two, Go Joo Won, Yoon Mi Ra, Jung Young Sook, Lee Hwi Hyang, and Nam Sung Jin also appear in the cast lineup.

Source: Daum