Look! ‘Queen of Tears’ Baek Hyun-woo & Hong Hae-in Celebrates Wedding Anniversary in Style [PHOTOS]

The popular tvN drama ‘Queen of Tears,’ which concluded with record-breaking viewership, recently unveiled a surprise gift for its loyal viewers. As a gesture of gratitude and celebration for the on-screen wedding anniversary of Baek Hong and his wife, the production team shared a delightful behind-the-scenes photo on May 2nd.

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Heartwarming Moments Unveiled

Fans were treated to endearing moments between the lead actors, Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won, who portrayed the beloved couple Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in. The behind-the-scenes captures showcased their playful yet affectionate interactions, including candid selfies, joyful bicycle rides, and heartwarming family scenes.

One of the standout moments was a heart-melting scene featuring the actors walking with a baby, a touching finale to episode 16. Viewers were moved by the on-screen family’s genuine bond, adding depth to the drama’s emotional narrative.


Professionalism and Dedication Shines Onset

Amidst the heartwarming moments, the professionalism and dedication of the cast shone brightly. Even during breaks, the actors engaged in script discussions and character analyses, highlighting their commitment to delivering authentic performances.

Park Seong-hoon, portrayed by Yoon Eun-seong, exemplified this dedication by meticulously crafting each scene, ensuring a captivating viewing experience for the audience. Such dedication contributed significantly to the immersive storytelling of ‘Queen of Tears.’

A Look Into the Final Moments

As ‘Queen of Tears’ concluded its run, the cast and crew gathered for commemorative photos, symbolizing the end of a memorable journey. The camaraderie among the actors, both on and off-screen, added depth to the drama’s success.

Fans can delve deeper into the behind-the-scenes stories and reflections of the cast in tvN’s special program, ‘Queen of Tears: A Miraculous Record.zip,’ scheduled for broadcast on Saturday, May 4th at 9:20 pm.