‘Love Song For Illusion’ Episode 1-2: Park Ji Hoon Chooses Hong Ye Ji As His Concubine

Park Ji Hoon and Hong Ye Ji, who both possess dark secrets, fatefully meet in “Love Song For Illusion” episode 1 and 2.

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Unbeknownst to them, their lives are more tangled than they know. Read on to know more about what went down in the first two episodes.

Sajo Hyun Meets Yeon Wol

In contrast to his lavish life, Crown Prince Sajo Hyun (Park Ji Hoon) dreams of becoming a tailor. Sadly, his father King Sajo Seung (Kim Tae Woo) disapproves of it.

‘Love Song For Illusion’ Stills

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Park Ji Hoon & Hong Ye Ji

Unlike his life, Yeon Wol (Hong Ye Ji) lives a content life with her father General Yeon Pung Hak (Oh Ji Ho), not knowing that the royal family plans to destroy the Yeon family.

The two heirs meet, completely unaware of each other’s real identities. Ten years later, Sajo Hyun becomes the ruler of the kingdom while orphan Yeon Wol lives as Gye Ra, an assassin.

'Love Song For Illusion' Stills

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Park Ji Hoon

Besides his secret life as a tailor, he also possesses an alter ego named Ak Hee. He takes over the prince’s body whenever he experiences extreme emotions in certain situations.

Ak Hee Ruins Sajo Hyun’s Plans

Sajo Hyun struggles to hide his identity and alter ego as he is being watched by his family members including his half-brother Sajo Yung (Hwang Hee) who plans to seize the throne.

'Love Song For Illusion' Stills

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Park Ji Hoon

While he’s sleeping, Ak Hee sneaks out and meets Yeon Wol. The latter gets surprised after she realizes that he still remembers her. Sadly, she’s out to avenge her family from the royal family.

Yeon Wol sets foot in the palace while Ak Hee lies about his true identity. Ak Hee makes the former lose her senses by burning incense, determined to make her his concubine.

'Love Song For Illusion' Stills

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Ji Woo

Unfortunately, Sajo Hyun’s lover Geum Hwa (Ji Woo) postpones the concubine ceremony, feeling threatened about what’s about to happen.

Yeon Wol Thaws Sajo Hyun’s Heart

Yeon Wol also loses her memories, not knowing her true identity and how she is related to Sajo Hyun.

Sajo Hyun finally wakes up and reclaims his body. Angered by Ak Hee’s actions, he talks to Yeon Wol who believes that they are in love.

'Love Song For Illusion' Stills

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Hong Ye Ji

Yeon Wol is repulsed by his cold attitude unlike Ak Hee’s passionate affection. Because of this, she escapes from the palace and follows Sajo Hyun around in secret.

When Yeon Wol gets captured by rogue soldiers, Sajo Hyun instinctively jumps in and saves her. Eventually, they return to the palace together.

What Happens To Sajo Hyun & Yeon Wol?

Sajo Hyun and Ak Hee face each other, completely showcasing their differences. The two glare at each other, repulsed by their own existence as they want to be the “real” owner of the body.

Yeon Wol falls into a sticky situation when Geum Hwa orders Jin Mu Dal (Kang Shin Il) to ruin her chance to become a concubine. Her identity as an assassin soon gets revealed.