‘Lovely Runner’ Breaks Personal Rating Record + Drama Receives Heightened Anticipation

Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon’s “Lovely Runner” saw a rise in viewership ratings, and continues to attract global viewers.

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‘Lovely Runner’ Beats Previous Episode Rating

As the drama heads to its second half, “Lovely Runner” delivered good news to the public after breaking its personal rating record with its latest episode.

Lovely Runner Still
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Based on the report provided by Nielsen Korea on April 30, tvN’s weekday series “Lovely Runner” scored an average viewership rating of 4.5 percent in episode 7, which is a 1.1 boost from its previous episode score of 3.4 percent.

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Accordingly, as the drama’s rating soared high, “Lovely Runner” also took first place in the same time slot on all channels, including terrestrial channels, as the most-watched K-drama.

Ryu Sun Jae, Im Sol’s Fated Reunion Sparks Anticipation

The Monday-Tuesday drama always gives an interesting plot that gets the viewers patiently waiting for its next broadcast. Down to its second half, the story of Im Sol and Ryu Sun Jae started to get more exciting.

Lovely Runner
 Byeon Woo Seok, Kim Hye Yoon
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In “Lovely Runner” episode 7, Im Sol and Ryu Sun Jae time slipped to 2023 and showed the changes in their predetermined fate. Their reunion in the original present time as a top star and film writer sparked anticipation from viewers.

The audience is seated for the upcoming episodes and is curious enough about how the present versions of Sun Jae and Im Sol will be depicted. Viewers are also eagerly waiting for the lovely romance of the two who finally reunited after 15 long years.

‘Lovely Runner’ Episode 8 Spoiler: Im Sol Makes Bold Decision to Spend Time With Ryu Sun Jae

Following their reunion at the Han River Bridge, Im Sol wanted to make sure that Ryu Sun Jae would be safe and that nothing bad would happen to him in the present. In order to protect him, Im Sol makes a bold decision to spend the whole night with the top star.

Lovely Runner Still
(Photo : tvN)

Shocked by her action, Ryu Sun Jae can’t help but go with the flow with Im Sol, as it is also their first time meeting each other after a long time. What makes the upcoming episode more appealing to the viewers is there’s another incident connected to Im Sol and Sun Jae that happened in the past.

This garners speculation again whether Sun Jae also time travels to change Im Sol’s fate.

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Furthermore, catch Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon every Monday and Tuesday on tvN and Viu at 8:50 p.m.(KST).

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