‘Lovely Runner’ Director Admires Kim Hye Yoon’s Top-Notch Acting: ‘I Respect Her’

One of “Lovely Runner’s” directors Kim Tae Yeop talked about the drama and his admiration for young actress Kim Hye Yoon.

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‘Lovely Runner’ Director Kim Tae Yeop Shares Insights About the Megahit K-Drama

Lovely Runner
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On June 11, a special lecture by producer Kim Tae Yeop of tvN’s “Lovely Runner” was released through Dongguk University Educational Broadcasting Station. In the video, PD Kim discussed more about the series and proudly shared how popular it was during its broadcast for topping 130 countries.

He added that the influence of K-content has become great, which means the scale of the industry has grown.

PD Kim revealed that “Lovely Runner” cost almost USD 14 Million (20 billion won) to produce. “Usually, a 16-episode mini-series costs this much. It’s a very large amount of money. Once it fails, it will be difficult for many people.”

He elaborated that in order to make things work, “We base it on stories that are safe and have a high chance of success. There are many cases in which we bring in proven stories that have been successful to some extent in webtoons and web novels.”

‘Lovely Runner’ Episodes 2 & 13 Were Filmed On The Same Day

As his discussion continued, he shared some behind-the-scenes stories while working on “Lovely Runner.”

Lovely Runner Still
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PD Kim Tae Yeop said that he was surprised to see the ending script for Episode 2. 

“The script for episode 13 came the day I started filming episode 2, so I had to film the ending of episode 2 and the ending of episode 13 together.”

To recall, the ending of episode 2 features Ryu Sun Jae (Byeon Woo Seok). There was a twist that he had a crush on Im Sol (Kim Hye Yoon) in the past, and in episode 13, the story of Ryu Sun Jae not recognizing Im Sol after his memory was reset was depicted.

Kim Tae Yeop Expresses Admiration for Kim Hye Yoon

Lovely Runner Still
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The director went on and reveal that the ending of episode 2 and the ending of episode 13 were filmed on the same day. This made the conversation jump to Kim Hye Yoon, who had a great shift of emotions and exhibited top-notch acting in filming the drama. Then PD Kim expressed his admiration for the actress.

“Kim Hye Yoon is 15 years younger than me, but I respect her.”

Moreover, PD Kim confessed that he also valued the reactions of viewers, “I consider receiving feedback very important. They are cool-headed.” He was also shocked by some scenes and humorously said that the writer should stop as things were getting interestingly good.

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