‘Lovely Runner’ Director Receives Backlash for His Statements About Kim Hye Yoon

Director Yoon Jong Ho is receiving hate from “Lovely Runner” fans for his latest statement about the drama’s lead actress Kim Hye Yoon. 

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Want to know what he said? Then read on!

Director Yoon Jong Ho Allegedly Mistreated Kim Hye Yoon While Filming ‘Lovely Runner’

“Lovely Runner” is still making a craze amid its satisfying finale, which is acknowledged by viewers as one of the best happy endings in K-dramas. 

Lovely Runner Still
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

On May 31, one of the production directors of the series, Yoon Jong Ho met the media for an interview and talked about the show’s success and its stars. 

Despite the excitement of the fans to hear more interesting stories from him about the drama, some of the statements he made backfired on him and now receiving immense backlash. One of those was his allegedly harsh treatment of Kim Hye Yoon. 

In the chops of his interview, Director Yoon said that he said a lot of harsh things to Kim Hye Yoon to get her to look her best in the series. 

“Kim Hye Yoon is of course a great actress, but I wanted to make sure there was a turning point moment when Ryu Sun Ja couldn’t help but fall for her. (So) I thought Kim should depict Im Sol more beautifully than she had done up to that episode. I focused on capturing her best beauty.”

Lovely Runner Still - Kim Hye Yoon
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

He went on:

“While filming, I also said a lot of harsh things about her look, but Kim Hye Yoon accepted the feedback and gradually became prettier.”

Director Yoon further explained that for non-celebrities, appearances can change depending on how much care and effort go in. 

“But for actors, the glow-up comes from having to be in front of the cameras and acting out their characters all the time. At first, I saw Kim Hye Yoon as more like a daughter figure, but she evolved into a beautiful woman as the drama progressed. It must have been hard to portray the emotions of a 34-year-old in a 19-year-old body, but with the writer’s help, Kim Hye Yoon understood the directions and did well.”

Fans Express Rage Toward Director Yoon Jong Ho

After hearing these, netizens expressed rage in various online communities.

  • “So he thinks that making harsh comments made her prettier? I bet he said some disgusting things to Kim Hye Yoon too.”
  • “Just keep that mouth closed.”
  • “Kim Hye Yoon worked hard for this drama, and yet, the production director is saying these things.”
  • “But Kim Hye Yoon carried the whole drama on her back. Director Yoon should have paid more attention to directing the male lead’s acting.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the female lead’s acting, though. What’s gotten into this director?”
  • “I’ve read his whole interview, and he must have made life hell for the female cast on set. I feel for the actresses who had to deal with him. I can’t believe people who still think and speak like him all the while working in the trendiest entertainment industry.”
  • “So he’s admitting that he judged Kim Hye Yoon’s appearance to her face and said harsh things about her face to make her work on herself? And he thinks it’s all thanks to him that Kim Hye Yoon looked better on camera as the episodes progressed. What the?? This is wrong.”

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