‘Lovely Runner’ Episode 12: Did Kim Hye Yoon Break Up With Byeon Woo Seok?

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After their spontaneous trip, Im Sol (Kim Hye Yoon) had a bittersweet moment with Ryu Sun Jae (Byeon Woo Seok) in “Lovely Runner” Episode 12. 

‘Lovely Runner’ Episode 12: Im Sol Discovers Kim Young Soo Escaped

Im Sol was happy that everything was okay and that they already had their new future. Sun Jae received a business card from CEO Kim in exchange for an Eclipse debut contract.

The couple then spent more time together.

Lovely Runner Still
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However, the happiness was short-lived, as it was revealed that serial killer Kim Young Soo escaped the police during his arrest.

In particular, in case something happens, Im Sol secretly asked Detective Kim for help and says a specific date to lurk around the building as the killer might be there.

At that time, Ryu Sun Jae realized that Im Sol was hiding something to protect him from the upcoming incident. He got anxious and wanted to ask her to know how he could help and protect Im Sol.

Ryu Sun Jae, Im Sol Go on Beach Trip

Meanwhile, amid the chaos, Ryu Sun Jae, Im Sol, and Kim Tae Seong (Song Geon Hee) went on a spontaneous trip as Baek In Hyuk (Lee Seung Hyub) ran away from home saying he would give up music because of his mistake at the performance.

Lovely Runner Still
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Sun Jae comforted him and persuaded him that wanted to pursue music with In Hyuk. It was a path he had not taken before, and even though it was scary, it would be less of a burden if he was with his friend.

Then, the four of them went to the sea and enjoyed their time together. In particular, when Im Sol spent the night with Sun Jae alone, she confessed to him.

In return, Sun Jae became honest with his feelings too, and they ended up sharing a passionate kiss.

Im Sol Lies to Ryu Sun Jae To Save Him From Kim Young Soo

However, their happiness was short-lived again as Kim Young Soo overheard the phone call between Im Sol and Park Bok Soon (Jeong Young Joo) and headed to where the two were.

Im Sol was standing alone in front of a supermarket – a scene she had never seen flashed before her eyes, and was surprised to realize that her fate had changed again.

Before the episode ended, in the rain going to Seoul, Im Sol shocked Sun Jae, as if she had returned to the future of 2023. Her actions confused and put Sun Jae in pain. He asked her if she was back in the future already, but she left him and warned him not to follow her.

He couldn’t bear to catch Im Sol and shed tears at their unexpected breakup and sudden bittersweet farewell.

But all of those were lies by Im Sol to save Sun Jae. Previously, she saw a shocking future where Sun Jae was stabbed to death by Kim Young Soo.

In the end, Im Sol wanted to change their fate and had to lie to him.

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